Ali Mustafa

Ali is a devoted gamer and a certified tech geek, always checking out new games on the horizon and looking for the next piece of kit to make his PC sing. However, there's one game he can't seem to peel himself away from, Skyrim. Ali loves the whole TES series, but there is something about this dragon-filled adventure that has kept him captivated for more than a decade. Which, in turn, makes him a real asset to the Scrolls Guided team

best shouts in skyrim

Best Shouts in Skyrim

One of the most prominent aspects of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that sets it apart from other installments of the series are Dragons and molding the game dynamics around it. Skyrim introduced Dragons to the Elder Scrolls series, concurrently making you the Dragonborn – a warrior with the soul of a Dragon, allowing you to

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