best ways to kill the adoring fan

Elder Scrolls Oblivion Best Ways to Kill The Adoring Fan

We all remember our first time playing through Oblivion. The rich and amazing world that we all expected from an Elder Scrolls title sucked us in, and we kept coming back for many years. Even now, I routinely jump back into the fourth installment of this epic series. 

When I think back to my first time playing the game, many fond memories rise to the surface for me. Martin turns into a dragon to defeat the Deadric Prince Mehrunes Dragon, becoming the famous and illusive Grey Fox, and the first meeting between the newly minted Champion of the Arena and their Adoring Fan. 

The Adoring Fan was designed and included in the game for one reason – to annoy and infuriate the player by using the most offensive voice acting and character design on the planet. 

In this sense, the developers nailed it as he quickly became hated by the community at large on a level only experienced by Jar Jar Binks or Joffrey. 

With this in mind, many Oblivion veterans decided to do something about their hatred for the possible companion by coming up with creative, interesting, and funny ways to kill the Adoring Fan, silencing his annoying voice forever. 

The community banded together, showing that hatred really can bring us all together to come up with the best possible ways to silence the fan. In this guide, I will take you through some of the best ways to kill this blonde beacon of bafflement. Let’s take a look! 

Selection Criteria 

Adoring Fan Arena

There are so many interesting and creative ways that one can kill the adoring fan. Everything from straight-up murder in front of the Arena to creating and designing an intricate series of mods to inflict maximum torture on the little cretin has been thought of and probably done before. 

However, not all of these ideas have been created equal or as accessible to some gamers as others. Therefore, I have come up with a small list of requirements these methods of manslaughter must follow to earn a slot on our list. Let’s have a look.

  • Every method to kill the Adoring Fan must be possible within the base game’s mechanics – no mods or console command-powered kills will be permitted. This is just a can of worms that isn’t worth opening. 
  • There must be some form of creativity or ingenuity involved with each method. Simply stabbing the man outside the arena will not count.
  • There are a lot of similar methods for killing the AF on the internet; therefore, every method on this list must be unique. 

Take a Dive at Dive Rock 

Adoring Fan Dive At Dive Rock

I got into Oblivion a little later than most, probably because I was still too young then to even begin understanding the lore and mechanics of such a complex game.

Regardless, even before I started playing the game in 2007, I had already seen several YouTube videos wherein the Adoring fan was cast off Dive Rock, the highest mountain and point in Oblivion, resulting in his eventual death. 

Videos like this one here show the Hero of Kvatch dismissing the adoring fan at the top of the mountain only to see the little idiot striding off the edge of the cliff to his own demise. Alternatively, the player can also strike the fan with an arrow to the head, forcing his lifeless body off the edge, generating great satisfaction for the player. God, I really have become desensitized to violence. 

Oblivion Gates Trickery 

One thing we all want to do during our time in Cyrodill is protect our reputation as the Hero of Kvatch at all times. Therefore, straight up killing an innocent civilian who seems to adore us and every word we say may not be the best look. 

Therefore, why don’t we kill him somewhere a little bit out of the way, somewhere that people will believe he could have perished by other means, never even suspecting the player? 

This is where we can use the Oblivion crisis to our own benefit. By allowing the Adoring Fan to accompany us in our day-to-day lives, you will eventually end up in the plain of Oblivion with him, fighting off Dremora and Scamps on your way to closing the gate for good.

At this moment, when you first enter the gate, the player can kill the Adoring Fan with their own hand, leaving everyone in the human realm none the wiser. Sometimes, when you do eventually close this gate, the body of the AF will fall out of the mouth of the ruined portal onto the ground. While I wouldn’t call this funny, it adds a certain spice to the overall kill. 

Guards! Guards! Help Me!

Adoring Fan

Why would you get blood on your own hands when you can get someone else to do the dirty work for you? This is an adage I have followed my entire life and is the reason I’m sitting here talking about a very old game on the internet rather than doing an actual useful job somewhere. 

To kill the Adoring Fan, one does not need to travel far or resort to fancy trickery or outright murder; no, the player must simply provoke the Adoring Fan and get the guards to dispatch the little annoyance for you. 

To do this, attack the character when he is not a current follower (if he is, he will take far more abuse before fighting back).

After a blow or two with a rather underpowered weapon to ensure your strikes don’t accidentally become fatal, he will attack you in turn. If you do this in an area saturated with guards, they will move to neutralize the situation, killing the unwanted follower as he hacks at the man, woman, or lizard he once professed to love. 

You have to watch out for the guard’s immense propensity for violence; they may continue their attacks long after the fan is dead and the bout has been neutralized. In this case, you may need to surrender, pay a fine, or go to jail for a short while – a small price to pay to keep another murder off your hands, in my opinion. 

With any luck, the ghost of the Adoring Fan will haunt the Patrick Stewart voiced guard for the rest of his days. 

Alternatively, the much more straightforward approach to this option is to affect the fan with the Command Humanoid spell and then get in a fight with a guard yourself. The spell will force the AF to fight for the player, ultimately resulting in his death. 

Baiting the Flooded Mine

Adoring Fan
Image from Fandom

The Flooded Mine is located to the North of Bravil and is mostly discovered during the Dark Brotherhood quest ‘Final Justice.’ As you might imagine, this former mine has one unique characteristic which may make it useful for our AF killing mission. Yes, it is flooded quite badly.

When the player comes here with the Adoring Fan, make sure to bring some form of water-breathing enchantment or potion to ensure you survive water’s ability to choke you to death. With this safety measure in place, feel free to enter the mine with your hateful companion, staying down there, underneath the water, for an extended period of time. Just long enough to see his body limp and begin floating to the cave’s ceiling. 

I first discovered this little hack when the mine claimed a companion I actually liked a few years ago. Therefore, just be careful with this one; we don’t want to lose anyone actually useful. 

This same method of trapped deep water killing can be replicated using the well behind the Cheydinhall branch of the Mage’s Guild. Once you progress far enough with the guild, you will gain access to the location, allowing the player to kill companions at will. 

The Absent Father 

In this method for dealing with the Adoring Fan, the player must act like a father from a 1990s sitcom by going to the figurative shops and never returning, effectively abandoning your annoying surrogate child to fend for himself. 

While this method might trigger some of you, it is an effective way to deal with the little annoying in-game child you never conceived or even asked for. To start this, you will allow the AF to follow you as he requests, then when you’ve had enough of him, travel to your favorite nearby dungeon and have him wait there for you as you go off to the ‘shops.’ 

As the AF waits for the player, ensure that more than three in-game days pass before you return to the location in question. This amount of time is the game’s set period for dungeons to reset, meaning that everything inside this location will be wiped and put back to factory settings, essentially removing the AF from the game entirely. 

This one is not one of my favorites, as it seems sad and extreme to delete the man out of existence. If we ever find out Oblivion is some sort of Tron-like real digital world, we will be in big trouble for this one. 

This same tactic can also be used to simply leave the AF somewhere completely random and unrecognizable to the player, such as in the middle of some mountains or a densely packed woodland. Dismissing him at a location like this and having him wait will not kill him, but the fact that you couldn’t find him even if you tried is practically the same thing in my book. 

If an Aodring Fan screams in the woods and nobody hears it, is he even there in the first place?

Baiting the Trap 

Adoring Fan

The Adoring Fan can be useful to the player in a multitude of ways other than providing terrible enjoyment when we ultimately force even over the lip of a cliff; he can also be used to lure out some unsightly creatures from their dark crevices. 

One of my favorite ways of dealing with this man is by dragging him to a vampire-infested cave and simply leaving him there in the middle of their nest.

This tactic has two outcomes. First of all, the adoring fan will be killed by the countless vampires stationed in the cave. Secondly, his death will allow the player to easily find the vampires when they come back to loot his corpse. A little blonde landmark, if you will. 

Of course, if you don’t want to appear cruel, you could always use him as a distraction, staying in the cave with him and fighting the vampires that are trying to attack him, he will die if you let it happen, but you’ll look like a true Arena Champion as you hack and slash in his defense. Nobody has to know your true agenda. 

Useful Murder 

One thing that players of Oblivion often overlook is the unique set of characteristics that the Adoring Fan possesses which makes him a rather useful companion in the game. Of course, all of his uses are due to his frankly scary ability to return from the dead, regardless of how brutal your actions are. 

Most, if not all, the typical ways of killing an NPC in Oblivion will not work on him as he will eventually respawn and return to the player’s side or the site of his death. Therefore, why not use this ability to your advantage, giving the player an almost infinite source of free XP and a free kill when required? 

For example, a lot of players who are trying to complete a pacifist run in the game run into a problem when trying to join the Dark Brotherhood; however, if you murder the AF conventionally, he will inevitably respawn, thus allowing you to enter the DB without ruining your roleplay. Alternatively, you can use him as a damage sponge to increase your combat/Magicka abilities. 

New Developments

As most of you will already know, the wise people over at Bethesda decided a short time ago not to give us another Elder Scrolls game before most of us pass away from old age; instead decided to produce an entirely new IP in the form of Starfield.

It was announced some time ago through official Bethesda channels that this game would feature its very own Adoring Fan, with the same voice actor returning to reprise his role in a very different environment.

However, in a recent Xbox Showcase, we got a better look at Starfield. Within this, we got to see, for the very first time, the Adoring fan in action. We even got to see a reference to one of the murder options on this list as the video shows the space exploring Adoring Fan getting head shotted atop a far-flung mountain.

At the same time, the cynical part of me thinks that they have included this iconic character to simply generate some buzz around their new game, hoping to bring in some fans from one of their biggest franchises into their new IP.

However, another part of me is really looking forward to finding new and more experimental ways of killing the Adoring Fan across an entire galaxy. Can you imagine just how long that idea list would be? So, hopefully, I will see you back here shortly for a Starfield-inspired list of this type.


Question: Who is the Adoring Fan in Oblivion?

Answer: Many people ask who is the Adoring Fan in Skyrim, expecting some kind of detailed and lore-laden answer because this is the type of game Oblivion is. However, in this instance, it’s rather simple and straightforward.

The Adoring Fan is just that, a great fan of the Hero of Kvatch after they become the Arena Champion in the game. He is so besotted by the player character that he will happily follow you around like a puppy begging for his hero’s recognition. 

Question: Can you kill the Adoring Fan for good?

Answer: Yes, you can kill the adoring fan for good; it just takes some hard work. Unlike most other NPCs, when you do kill the Adoring Fan in a conventional method, he will inevitably respawn.

However, if you kill him using one of the methods included in this article, he is sure to stay dead for the rest of the time. Or that playthrough, at least. 

Question: Should I kill the Adoring Fan?

Answer: In my opinion, if you’re asking whether you should kill the Adoring Fan, you’ve answered your own question. If you find him annoying or perhaps just find yourself getting bored of Oblivion, the AF is a great person to take out your frustrations on and spice up your gaming experience.

Coming up with new and fun ways to do the deed is also a great way to keep the brain active. 

Best Ways to Kill The Adoring Fan: Conclusion 

Adoring Fan Dead

As you can see, the Adoring Fan is not someone you can simply kill or get rid of easily. To make sure he stays gone, you are going to have to take extra steps to ensure he cannot possibly come back. Personally, I am a great fan of simply locking him in somewhere and ‘losing’ the key in a pit of lava through an Oblivion gate that you subsequently close. 

However, there are many ways to do this when thinking outside the box. This list is just the start of the incredibly complex world of Adoring Fan killing that you can get into, complete with dedicated forums.

With all this in mind, I really do hope that this article inspires you to return to Oblivion the next time Skyrim rubs you up the wrong way and you need a little taste of some classic Elder Scrolls action. Try some of these ideas out for yourself and give them a little personal tweak for extra flavor if desired. 

I wish you luck with your AF killing and hope to see you again soon; bye!

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