Xavier Geitz

Xavier is a featured contributor for Scrolls Guided. His adventure into the Elder Scrolls series started as a filthy casual child playing Morrowind on the Original Xbox. He would dive back into Vvardenfell properly on PC years later and has refused to leave. While he thoroughly enjoys other Elder Scrolls games, Morrowind remains his favorite Elder Scrolls game and game period.

blackreach skyrim

Blackreach Skyrim Guide

Blackreach, also known as Fal’Zhardum Din in the all-but-forgotten Dwemer language, is a massive cavern hidden beneath the ruins of several lost Dwemer cities. A blend of mystical and magical nature and Dwarven architecture, Blackreach is one of Skyrim‘s coolest-looking and most fascinating locales.  There are a lot of resources inside Blackreach ripe for the

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Nerevarine Guide

Nerevarine Guide

In fantasy stories, there is almost always a Chosen One. Regardless of the entertainment medium, video games, books, movies, and TV shows, there are always heroes meant for greatness. Those who rise to the occasion and do what the rest of us cannot. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is no different.  Morrowind takes a different

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Skyrim Leather Guide

There are many materials in Skyrim with which you can create all sorts of weapons and armor. Some require a little mining and smelting, while others need hunting and tanning. Out of all the crafting components in Skyrim, leather is the most important. Regardless of whether you favor Light or Heavy Armor, you need leather.

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