Xavier Geitz

Xavier is a featured contributor for Scrolls Guided. His adventure into the Elder Scrolls series started as a filthy casual child playing Morrowind on the Original Xbox. He would dive back into Vvardenfell properly on PC years later and has refused to leave. While he thoroughly enjoys other Elder Scrolls games, Morrowind remains his favorite Elder Scrolls game and game period.

Atronach Forge Guide

The Atronach Forge is one of the best open secrets in all of Skyrim. It’s easily missed and even easier to underutilize due to how vague everything surrounding it is. It’s one of those things where it must’ve been a nightmare for the first players to decipher it.  But more than a decade later, we …

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Saarthal Guide

Founded by Ysgramor the First Man, Saarthal was once the capital city of Skyrim and one of the first cities of men. Once a big and thriving city, Saarthal was attacked and destroyed by the Snow Elves (Also known as the Falmer). It has since become one of the many abandoned ruins that dot Skyrim’s …

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Erik the Slayer Guide

Skyrim’s launch list of companions was a bit of a mixed bag. We have Lydia, the easily accessible housecarl who boosts high melee and archery stats, and J’zargo, the Destruction Mage who levels with you up to a cap of 81. We have borderline useless potential followers like Sven and Roggi Knot-Beard, who have terrible …

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Meeko Guide

Skyrim has plenty of companion and pet options for you. You can ride across Skyrim on a Dwarven horse, be flanked by a goblin follower that sounds like Gollum, and return home to be greeted by your pet mud crab.  But sometimes, people like to keep things simple. Even in a world filled with incredible …

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Kagrenzel Guide

The disappearance of the Dwemer is Elder Scrolls‘ greatest mystery. They were a powerful race of thinkers, creators, and metalsmiths, who all up and vanished without a trace. If it were up to me, we’d never learn what happened to the Lost Race of Mer. Some mysteries are better left unsolved and up for interpretation. …

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