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Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod Guide

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Marriage does not play a significant role in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, it is still a fun and helpful mechanic for any serious players about roleplaying or that want to get some more utility out of their various houses spread out across the province.

But, since players can have a house in every major city and the three buildable homesteads added in the Hearthfire expansion, it can be frustrating only to have a spouse in one house. So, if you’re playing on PC, you may want to download the Multi Marriage mod to help balance out the utility you get from each of your houses.

Key Info Up Front

Mod Creator: The original mod for regular Skyrim was created by Dudestia, while the version for Skyrim: Special Edition was ported and updated by Slywolfe.

Skyrim Mod Link: Nexus Mods

Skyrim: Special Edition Mod Link: Nexus Mods

Mod Functionality: Have multiple spouses, relocate spouses, change spouse clothing, set NPCs to be marriage options, and turn spouses into vampires.

Mod Overview

Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod
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This mod is for any players who want to have more control over what characters they can marry, where they live, and who want to have multiple spouses to get the most out of their housing situation.

This mod also pairs exceptionally well with other mods that give you control over your spouse’s clothing or actions, which I prefer to add to round out the entire package a bit. The mod is also available for the Special Edition of Skyrim, so you can take advantage of it no matter what version you’re playing.

Mod Features and Changes

Multiple Marriages

Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod Guide
Image from Wiki Fandom

The flagship feature of the entire mod is allowing the player to marry multiple characters and have each one in a different house. To unlock the ability to do so, the player has to travel to Riften, where you can generally get married in the base game.

Then, you need to go to the Temple of Mara, where a Shrine of Dudestia has been added. There will be two spellbooks near that shrine that allow you to operate the mod.

However, this does mean that if you have any other mods that change the interior of the Temple of Mara too much, this shrine may not spawn, preventing you from using this mod. I ran into this problem for quite a while because of some visual overhaul mods that I had installed alongside this one, so just heed my warning.

The main spell you’ll need for the two is the NPC Operator spell. Casting this spell on an NPC will allow you to add vanilla marriage quests to the NPC, marry them directly, divorce them if you are already married to them, or open up their inventory to swap out their gear. If you’ve already gotten married in the game before you download the mod, you can still use it.

You have to first interact with the Shrine of Dudestia to move your vanilla marriage into one of the multiple marriage slots. Then, it will be like you married them with the mod from the beginning, allowing you to use all of the mod’s other functions at will.

Relocating Spouses

Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod Guide
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My favorite benefit of this mod, however, is being able to have a spouse in multiple houses so that when you stop in any of them, you can get a fresh meal and anything else. Of course, if you want, though, you can always have all of them live in one house at the same time, but you’ll need a lot of beds available for them. Since your spouses are married unconventionally, however, you won’t be able to send them to a house like you normally would in vanilla Skyrim.

Instead, you have to use the mod’s second spell found in the Temple of Mara. Simply called Relocation Operator, the spell allows you to place a marker for each of your spouses, telling them where they will live. You don’t even have to do anything to the spouse themself, and instead, travel to the house where you want them to stay and cast the spell. This will open up a menu for you to select the spouses you want to live there, and it’s as easy as that.

I tend to split my spouses up between multiple houses to take full advantage of them. I find it best to get all of the houses in each of the main cities across Skyrim and put a spouse in each one.

That way, no matter what city I’m in, I can stop at my house, get a free meal, and collect shop money from my spouse there. This is especially useful when playing in the new Survival Mode, as consistent free food can save you a lot of gold over time.

Allowing any NPC to Marry

Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod Guide
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If you’ve played Skyrim as much as I have, you’ve probably grown pretty tired of the vanilla NPCs that are available to be wed. This is especially true if you’re looking for spouses of different races who don’t have nearly as many options as others.

Luckily, you can cast the NPC Operator spell on any NPC in the game to make them a marriage option. I wouldn’t recommend doing this to plot-critical NPCs or ones that are conveniently placed in a store or faction, though.

This function is very nice, though, to get some much-needed variety in Skyrim‘s dating pool, especially now that this mod allows you to marry multiple NPCs in a single playthrough. Personally, I don’t do a playthrough anymore without marrying Kjeld the Younger and Wylandriah a good dose of humor whenever I return to those homes.

I also have always had a weak spot for Aela the Huntress, so I use her as my regular marriage and then usually marry characters like Sheogorath, M’aiq the Liar, and sometimes even J’zargo. However, if there are other NPCs that you prefer, like Cicero for some reason, those are great options as well.

However, I did come across one glitch that seemed to happen when starting the mod without already having one normal marriage completed. This caused all of the regular marriage options to be spawned into the Temple of Mara in Riften, acting like I was already married to them.

This wasn’t a big deal, but it was definitely off-putting to find a temple filled with dozens of people who thought I was their husband when I wasn’t. Then, I had to marry and divorce each one of them individually to fix the problem.

Making Your Spouse a Vampire

Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod
Image from Wiki Fandom

If you enjoy playing a Vampire Lord character as much as I do, you’ll also really appreciate this function. Once you’re a Vampire Lord, this mod allows you to turn a spouse into a vampire themselves through nothing more than a dialogue option. I think making your spouse a vampire alongside you is suitable for roleplaying and making sure that they live as long as you do, but it also has mechanical benefits.

The main benefit is that when a spouse is turned into a vampire, their behavior schedule will change. This sees them sleeping during the day and going about their rountie at night. Since you’re also a vampire, you should usually only be up and about at night, so this will allow you to actually interact with them and get the benefits of being married without waking them up in their bed every time you want to talk to them.

However, this downside is that it makes the spouses only want to sleep in coffins, which can be hard to come by in most houses. If you want to do this, you should relocate them to a Hearthfire homestead where you’ve built a basement with a coffin in it.

Otherwise, if you have the Anniversary Edition or don’t mind purchasing a pack from the Creation Club, the Bloodchill Manor pack has a home that is lousy with coffins. There are enough in the one house for you to have an entire harem of vampires living with you comfortably.

If you end up changing your mind about the whole vampire thing, you can also cure your spouse. To do this, you have to cure yourself already and then need to have a filled Black Soul Gem in your inventory when you talk to them and select the dialogue option.

However, I also ran into a glitch that could be game-breaking with this function, so use it at your own risk. The bug saw numerous quest-related NPCs traveling to Riften for some reason. Having to go to Riften for those quests was annoying, but it would break quests if those NPCs had to be in a specific place to progress.


Question: What if I don’t see the Shrine of Dudestria in the Temple of Mara?

Answer: If the shrine doesn’t properly spawn for you, you may be able to force it to spawn. To do this, open the command console and type ‘help “Shrine of Dudestria”‘ into it to get its id. Then type in ‘player.placeatme’ followed by its item id. This will spawn the shrine by you, and you can then repeat it with NPC Operator and Relocation Operator to spawn the spell books as well.

Question: Can you divorce your spouse in Skyrim?

Answer: In vanilla Skyrim, you can’t divorce your spouse unless you kill them. However, with the multi-marriage mod, you can divorce them just as easily as you married them by using the correct spell.

Question: Can you turn Aela the Huntress into a vampire if you marry her in Skyrim?

Answer: Yes, Aela the Huntress does not have the condition that most other Companions have, so if you marry her, you can still turn her into a vampire as long as you are already one.

Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod: Conclusion

One of the best aspects of Bethesda’s RPGs are their open design philosophy and architecture that allows them to be modded more than almost any other game. This allows players to fully customize their experience with games Skyrim to be exactly what they want to get out of it.

The multi marriage mod is not a mod that everyone will be interested in, but for players who are, it is a great implementation of the feature and one that is hard to go without once you grow accustomed to it.

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