Arron Kluz

Arron is a featured team writer and lifelong Elder Scrolls fan. He started with Morrowind on his Dad's old PC and quickly worked his way back through the series before playing Skyrim and now keeping up with Elder Scrolls Online. Outside of the Elder Scrolls, he plays just about everything else and has written professionally about games for just over a year. He also enjoys running his own Dungeons & Dragons campaign, watching movies, playing anything on top of a table other than Monopoly, and writing fiction.

best houses in skyrim

Best Houses in Skyrim

Skyrim is an RPG that is all about exploration and freedom. That’s why there are tons of fans like me that have run through dozens of playthroughs in the game. One of the best feelings in all of Skyrim is stumbling on a dungeon while exploring and finding a small self-contained story communicated almost entirely […]

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Best Bows in Skyrim

Best Bows in Skyrim

It is a common joke within Skyrim‘s community that every character falls into being a stealth archer. This is because it is the most powerful way to build a character and can lead to players wiping the floor with even high-level enemies. I’m talking about sneaking through entire dungeons and just one-shotting everything that moves. However,

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elder scrolls online tales of tribute

Elder Scrolls Online Tales of Tribute: The Heart of the Cards

The MMO genre is known for offering a spread of content. Storylines, challenging dungeons or raids, PvP, crafting, and hunting achievements are just the most popular activities MMO fans expect in their favorite titles. So, it was not surprising when Elder Scrolls Online announced that its High Island expansion would add a completely original competitive card

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Mephala Guide

Mephala Guide

Of all the exciting and powerful characters spread throughout The Elder Scrolls, some of the most interesting and popular are the Daedric Princes. The Daedric Princes frequently pop up in games throughout the series, whether because of their assistance toward the player or their sinister machinations being the focal point of the game’s entire storyline.

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Tiber Septim Guide

Tiber Septim is one of the most influential characters in the Elder Scrolls series. He has only ever appeared in Morrowind but is consistently referenced throughout the titles and played a pivotal role in shaping Tamriel into the shape fans know it. So, it can be essential for players of the games to understand Tiber Septim’s

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