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The release of Elder Scrolls Online‘s High Isle expansion kicked off its year-long narrative event known as the Legacy of the Bretons.

That storyline is continued and ultimately concluded in the Firesong DLC. The DLC also shows players more of the Systeres Archipelago by opening up the two small islands of Galen and Y’ffelon. So, here is everything there is to know about the Firesong DLC.

Key Info Up Front

  • Region: Galen and Y’ffelon
  • Price: 2,000 Crowns (approximately $20)
  • Prologue Quest: Sojourn of the Druid King

Firesong Overview

Post-launch content in Elder Scrolls Online is divided into two categories. The first are expansions, like High Isle, that add large zones with new dungeons, a trial, and typically a new skill line or mechanic for players to experiment with.

DLCs, on the other hand, are more minor releases that add smaller areas and less content. These pieces of content usually include new armor sets, their quest line and side quests, and public encounters like world events and world bosses for players to team up and fight.

In the case of Firesong, it continues the storyline introduced in High Isle, allowing players to save the Systeres Archipelago ultimately. It also includes new public content, armor sets, mythic items, and even a new deck for the Tales of Tribute card game.

To start the DLC, players who own it, either by purchasing it with crowns or subscribing to ESO Plus, need to go to their collections and accept the Sojourn of the Druid King quest.

Elder Scrolls Online Firesong

Firesong Storyline

After the High Isle expansion saw players stopping a terrorist-like group of knights known as the Ascendant Order, Firesong saw players facing a new threat to the archipelago. This threat is none other than the titular Firesong Druids.

A clan of fiercely isolationist druids, the Firesong are a group of Bretons that worship a colossal volcano known as Mount Firesong. Meanwhile, a group of sea elf pirates also terrorizes the city of Vastyr and the more peaceful enclaves of druids from both islands.

As players progress through the story to help repel both sources of aggravation, they get an exciting peek at the history and lives of native Bretons. The Systeres Archipelago has never been seen in another Elder Scrolls game, so exploring it and learning about the druids that call it home is very interesting.

The story also peels back the curtain on the history of the Bretons and introduces numerous new characters for players to interact with. The map introduced in Firesong also feels more alive than any other region in ESO. Players can interact with more NPCs and creatures, there are more interactions and hidden details to notice, and there are even achievements centered around players fully exploring what the region offers.

Firesong Tales of Tribute Deck

One unique addition introduced by High Isle was the new competitive card game Tales of Tribute. The card game was a big success among ESO players, so it makes sense that Firesong added a new deck to the fold. The deck has to be assembled by players, but once it’s built, it can be used in any Tales of Tribute game to create new synergies.

Unlocking The Druid King Deck

To unlock The Druid King deck, players must collect five fragments from the new activities in Firesong. Each of the fragments and how to get them is described below:

  • Delver’s Druid Deck Fragment: This fragment of The Druid King deck can only be found by killing bosses in either of the two delves on the island of Galen.
  • Dreamer’s Druid Deck Fragment: This fragment is rewarded to the player at the end of completing Firesong‘s main questline. It is rewarded at the end of the quest titled The Dream of Kasorayn.
  • Geomancer’s Druid Deck Fragment: Players have a slight chance of getting this fragment to drop when they complete any of the five Volcanic Vents on Galen.
  • Slayer’s Druid Deck Fragment: The Slayer’s Druid Deck Fragment has a chance to drop whenever the player kills one of Firesong‘s two world bosses.
  • Soothing Druid Deck Fragment: Players must complete the achievement titled The Best of Friends to get this fragment. This achievement requires players to pet animals throughout the new region. These include the dog near the fighter’s guild in Vastyr, a cat in a tent by Llanshara, a cow by the fighter’s guild in Vastyr, a horse in the Vastyr stables, a dog in Glimmertarn, and a cat at the Oaken Forge.

The Druid King Patron

When the Druid King deck is active in a game of Tales of Tribute, players can also interact with the Druid King himself as a patron. Doing so costs two Power and is interesting because it can be used in combos with other cards from the deck.

If the player has played at least three cards from the deck before interacting with the Druid King, they get to add a Chimera card to their deck. Regardless, interacting with the Druid King allows the player to remove up to two cards from the Tavern.

Druid King

The Druid King’s Playstyle

The Druid King deck has an exciting playstyle because of its ability to give players benefits by adding cards to their cooldown pile. This emphasizes playing cards in the correct order. Otherwise, players will find their turns passing with little to no impact, especially in the late game.

The Druid King deck also pairs exceptionally well with the Psijic Loremaster deck. This is because it allows players to play cards with benefits when cards move to their cooldown pile and then use Psijic Loremaster cards to cycle through the top cards on their deck and move them straight to their cooldown.

A similar effect can also be achieved with the Ansei Franding Hundar deck, although doing so trades consistency for more flexibility in your play.

Firesong World Bosses

Firesong also includes two new World Bosses. These are massive and unique boss fights intended for groups of multiple players to team up and tackle them. The location of both world bosses and how to beat them are below.


Grove of the Chimera

The easiest way to enter the Grove of the Chimera is by traveling to the Embervine Wayshrine and traveling southwest. When you first enter the grove, the world boss, the Endling, will sleep inside a magical bubble shield. Players must kill three creatures and some Firesong druids in the area to start the fight.

The Endling is a massive Chimera made up of a lion, goat, dragon, and snake. The most important part of the fight is paying attention to its large area of effect attacks. These can quickly kill a player caught off guard, which makes using ranged attacks a far better approach than using melee weapons.

Valley of the Watcher

The Valley of the Watcher is home to the Timbershade world boss. To reach it, travel to the Trappers Peak Wayshrine and travel to the south. Timershade is a corrupted forest spirit that abandoned its purpose of defending nature against any who would harm it.

When you first arrive at the Valley of the Watcher, you’ll find Timbershade protected by a Spriggan channeling a protective field around him. Once you kill the Guardian Spriggan, Timbershade will be released, and the fight will begin in earnest.

Timbershade is highly mobile during the fight. He jumps around the arena, summons beasts to help him, and uses poison to its full potential. During the battle, he will summon more Guardian Spriggans to channel a shield. When this happens, the arena is also flooded with poison, requiring players to kill the Spriggans as fast as possible to avoid being worn down.

Firesong Delves

Firesong also adds two new delves for players to complete, both on the more oversized island of Galen. Delves are effectively short dungeons that players can find in the open world and enter.

They are not instanced, so multiple players can enter the delve simultaneously and run into one another without having to be in a group or send invites to one another. Each delve comes with its quest, multiple bosses, and a skyshard.

Firesong Delves


Quest: Shaky Job Prospects

Location: Southwest of Llanshara Wayshrine

The Embervine delve is a system of caves that have been overtaken by nature and is filled with steams of lava. It is filled with Shalks, Firesong Druids, and Magma Frogs for players to deal with throughout its knotted layout.

Embervine has only one boss, Druid Rerlas and Traux the Ancient. The fight is exciting because Traux is a massive Magma Frog that swallows Druid Rerlas whole at the start of the battle. Traux uses a lot of poison, jump attacks, and ranged area-of-effect attacks to try and catch the player off guard.

Once the player kills Traux, Druid Rerlas emerges from inside him and continues the fight. He uses a flame staff to keep the player at range and summon familiars. The best way to approach the battle is to focus on the familiars and deal damage to Rerlas when he is alone.

Faun’s Thicket

Quest: Fauns in Peril

Location: South of Y’free’s Path Wayshrine

Faun’s Thicket is a unique delve for ESO because it is not a web of interconnected paths and chambers. It is just a small open area. It is filled with natural enemies like Wasps, Spriggans, and various beasts. The boss of the delve is a massive bear-like creature called a Ursauk named Bahadur.

The fight against Bahltur is relatively straightforward. Bahadur hits extremely hard with melee attacks, jumps, and area-of-effect attacks that afflict players with fear, forcing them to run away from him.

Firesong Armor Sets

Firesong also adds six new armor sets to the game. Armor sets play a massive role in the end game of Elder Scrolls Online, as equipping multiple pieces from the exact location gives buffs a great way to increase their character’s abilities.

In Firesong, three new armor sets are found by drops during quests and world events, while three are only available by crafting them at specific stations spread across the region.

Combat Drop Armor Sets

Back-Alley Gourmand

Back-Alley Gourmand

  • Weight: Light
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Critical Chance by 657.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Critical chance by 657.
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Weapon and Spell damage by 129.
  • Five Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Critical Damage and Critical Healing by 13% whenever they have an active buff from food.

Phoenix Moth Theurge

  • Weight: Medium
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Stamina Recovery by 129.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Stamina Recovery by 129.
  • Four Item Bonus: Adds 1096 to the player’s Maximum Stamina.
  • Five Item Bonus: The target of your heels receives Minor Courage and Minor Force. This increases their Weapon and Spell damage by 215 and their Critical Damage by 10%. This effect can only be applied to a target once every 12 seconds.

Bastion of the Draoife

  • Weight: Heavy
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 1096.
  • Three Item Bonus: Boosts the player’s Maximum Health by 1206.
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 1096.
  • Five Item Bonus: The player gains a stack of Inflection whenever they block an attack. Stacks last 10 seconds; players can have up to three stacks simultaneously. For each active stack, their Magicka and Stamina Recovery are increased by 106.

Crafting Armor Sets

Crafting Armor Sets

Chimera’s Rebuke

  • Weight: All
  • Location: Fort Avrippe
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Magicka by 1096.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Health by 1206.
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 1096.
  • Five Item Bonus: When you deal damage with a fully charged heavy attack, the three allies that are the closest to your target receive 2362 Stamina or Magicka, depending on what weapon you are using.

Claw of the Forest Wraith

  • Weight: All
  • Location: Oaken Forge
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases your Critical Chance by 657.
  • Three Item Bonus: Adds 129 damage to your Weapon and Spell attacks.
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases your Critical Chance by 657.
  • Five Item Bonus: Increases the Critical Chance of all your class abilities by 2037.

Old Growth Brewer

  • Weight: All
  • Location: Old Port Mornald
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Stamina Recovery by 129.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Magicka Recovery by 129.
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Health Recovery by 129.
  • Five Item Bonus: Whenever the player drinks a potion, their Stamina, Magicka, and Health Recovery increase by 245 for the next 45 seconds.

Firesong Mythic Items

Firesong also includes three mythic items for players to hunt down. Each imaginary item counts as an item set all by itself. These items are made by finding multiple antiquities leads to assembling the part’s pieces before putting them all together for the amount of gear.

Elder Scrolls Online Firesong Items

Faun’s Lark Cladding

Weight: Medium

Slot: Chest

Item Effect: While the player has the Faun’s Lark Cladding equipped and sprints for at least one second, they can run through enemies. Enemies the player runs through are also charmed, preventing them from attacking the player. They are also given 678 Stamina, Magicka, and Health whenever an enemy is charmed.


  • Hartford Hide Singlet – Dropped by Faun Falls World boss
  • Lustrous Prong Clasps – Harvested from wood nodes in Galen and High Isle
  • Mark of the Faun Lord – Looted from Safeboxes and Thieves Troves in High Isle and Galen
  • Winter’s Pelt Lining – Dropped by the boss in Whalefall Delve on High Isle
  • Withered Garlic Gorget – Dropped by bosses in the Obsidian Scar dungeon in Rivenspire

Stormweaver’s Cavort

Weight: Light

Slot: Legs

Item Effect: Equipping this item increases the player’s Magicka Recovery by 300 but drops it to zero whenever they block, sneak, or sprint. However, sprinting, rolling, breaking free, sneaking, blocking, and bashing consumes Magicka instead of Stamina. Finally, the player’s Stamina Recovery is no longer reduced to zero while sprinting, blocking, or sneaking.


  • Braided Blessed Brambles – Is dropped by the group event boss in Auridon’s Toothmaul Gully public dungeon.
  • Panels of the Earthbones – Dropped by the World Boss in the Valley of the Watcher in Galen
  • The promise of the Circles Leather – Can be dropped in daily coffers from Lava Vents and delves in Galen.
  • Accurate Way Clay Dials – Can be dropped after completing Lava Vents in Galen.
  • Twice-harvested Knot Rope – Can be harvested from clothing nodes in High Isle and Galen

Strabane’s Ward

Weight: Heavy

Slot: Girdle

Item Effect: While this item is equipped, it prevents the player from moving while they are bracing. However, when they are braced, they generate a zone that gives all allies 950 additional Health Recovery and increases their damage mitigation from blocking by 30%.


  • Frog Metal Buckle – Can be found in Blacksmithing Crates received from Writ Dailies for Blacksmithing.
  • Indrik-hide Strap – Has a chance to be dropped by the Inrik Frolic World Boss in the Summerset region.
  • Iridescent Pearlwater Wash – Can be harvested from fishing spots in High Isle and Galen.
  • Rune-scribed Braces – Can be dropped by the final boss in the Shipwright’s Regret dungeon
  • Silverthread Stitching – Can be dropped by the final boss in the Banished Cells 2 dungeon in the Auridion region.

Firesong Skyshards

Skyshards are a valuable resource in Elder Scrolls Online. Every region in the game has a selection of Skyshards spread throughout it, and whenever the player finds three of them, they are given a skill point. Here are the locations of all six Skyshards added by Firesong.

  • Travel to the Glimmertarn Wayshrine and head south. There, you will find a path that leads you to a Skyshard that is over Y’ffre’s Path.
  • Go to the Llanshara Wayshrine and head north. A path there will take you south of Llanshara with the Skyshard along it.
  • Go to the settlement named Tuinh and go to the northwest to find it sitting between two boulders.
  • Go to the southeast of Fauns’ Thicket. The Skyshard is located on the top of a hill, surrounded by statues.
  • Inside the Fauns’ Thicket delve is a Skyshard on the southern plateau.
  • Inside the Embervine, delve into the ponds of lava in the northern section. It can be found on a Jungle Overlook.


Question: Is the Firesong DLC Free in ESO?

Answer: The Firesong DLC was given to all players participating in a limited-time event called the Heroes of High Isle event. However, it is also included in ESO Plus for any players that subscribe to it.

Question: Where is Firesong set in ESO?

Answer: Firesong is set on the islands of Galen and Y’ffelon. They are both smaller islands in the Systeres Archipelago, near High Isle.

Question: How Much Does Firesong Cost in ESO?

Answer: Firesong is included in an ESO Plus subscription, or it can be purchased with 2,000 Crowns, which are comparable to roughly $20.

Elder Scrolls Online Firesong: Conclusion

The Firesong DLC in ESO has a solid amount of content to offer players, especially if they want to witness the end of the Legacy of the Bretons year-long narrative event.

It provides a couple of fun and cinematic World Bosses, an attractive new deck for Tales of Tribute, and some compelling armor sets. All of its content is well worth playing through, especially if you already have an active ESO Plus subscription.

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