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Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Guide: Visit the Bretons

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The High Isle expansion for Elder Scrolls Online gives series fans their first opportunity to explore the home of the Bretons, the Systres Archipelago. It is a region filled with chivalry, nobility, and an ancient evil hiding beneath its surface.

Like most of the expansions in Elder Scrolls Online, a lot is going on for players to dive into. So, here is everything you could need to know about High Isle.

Key Info Up Front

Elder Scrolls Online players who purchase High Isle get access to the zone and everything inside. This includes dozens of hours of story content, a collectible card game, a handful of new delves, two public dungeons, gear sets, public dungeons, and a trial. It has plenty of hours of content for every kind of player,

High Isle Story

The main quest line in High Isle revolves around a peace summit held in the region. The conference aims to bring a peaceful conclusion to the three-way civil war that has shaken all of Tamriel since Elder Scrolls Online was first released. However, the efforts are disrupted by a cult known as The Ascendant Order.

The Ascendant Order is a shadowy faction of knights that aim to keep Tamriel trapped in chaos for as long as possible. They are a dangerous group of fanatics led by the intimidating and skilled Ascendant Lord, that is not afraid to throw morals and rules of engagement aside in the name of achieving his goals.

Throughout the main questline, players struggle to stop the Ascendant Order, which always seems to be one step ahead through an unknown source of information. The main questline include:

  • Of Knights and Knaves
  • People of Import
  • Deadly Investigations
  • Escape from Amenos
  • To Catch a Magus
  • The Ascendant Storm
  • A Chance for Peace

In addition to the main questline, there is also a total of 31 side quests for players to find and complete while exploring the islands of High Isle and Amenos. These quests have a variety of different focuses, characters, and themes, but they are all in some part, indicative of Breton culture.

They help give players a glimpse at the day-to-day happenings of the Bretons when they aren’t concerned with an existential threat that could destabilize the entire continent. They feature tasks like helping with a knightly tournament, clearing a man’s bar tab, and helping people recover lost pieces of their proud heritage.

Tales of Tribute

tales of tribute resources

In addition to the more standard selection of content introduced to Elder Scrolls Online in High Isle, the expansion also adds a new card game called Tales of Tribute. It is a two-player card game that sees two individuals competing to tell the best tavern story by playing cards.

Tales of Tribute also features a unique structure. Both players select two out of eight decks (or nine if the player has the Firesong DLC). All four decks are combined into a communal pool that players can purchase from to add to their decks throughout the game.

This pushes players always to be adaptable to the changing situation of every game while also ensuring that neither player has a distinct advantage through having more powerful cards.

Tales of Tribute is an optional portion of the High Isle expansion, but players enjoying it will find a lot of content to explore within it. As players complete games, they will gain experience toward becoming a more experienced member of the game’s club. This not only unlocks new decks to play with but also features its quest line.

Players can also complete two daily quests in Tales of Tribute. One sees them challenging three NPCs throughout the game world, while another sees them getting three wins against other players. When playing, others players can even queue into ranked matches to rise a seasonal hierarchy and try to reach the top of the global leaderboard.

Tales of Tribute also has plenty of rewards to make it worth investing time into. Not only do players get seasonal tips depending on their rank, but they also get randomized rewards for every match, regardless of whether they win or lose.

These reward boxes can include crafting materials, dyes, antiquity leads, or even treasure maps that allow players to find upgraded versions of their cards.

High Isle Delves

High Isle also includes six brand-new delves for players to explore. Delves function like open-world dungeons that can be tackled alone or with other players. They can be accessed at any time and are not instanced, meaning that players can freely run into one another when inside one.

Each delve has its unique layout, a hidden skyshard to hunt down, and a small cast of bosses for players to fight as they explore it. Each delve also features its short quest that leads players through its completion, which tends to reward a skill point for completion.

Each of the delves and a short description of their contents are below.

Breakwater Cave

breakwater cave

  • Location: To the west of Gonfalon Bay in southern High Isle
  • Boss required for completion: Brineclaw
  • Quest: A Sheep in Need

Breakwater Cave is a complicated knot of winding paths connecting various water pools to one another. It is the home of a species known as Hadolids, which are bipedal insectoid humanoids with four arms. They are a maritime species prone to piracy, evident throughout their home in the delve.

Coral Cliffs

  • Location: Northwestern Amenos
  • Boss required for completion: Madena Bracques
  • Quest: Coral Conundrum

The Coral Cliffs delve is a small bay along the shore of the island of Amenos. It is lived in and upkeep by a sect of druids responsible for its natural flora and fauna flourishing.

However, the magical influence of the druids has ensured that the wild life there has grown more powerful than it otherwise would, making it extremely dangerous for all outsiders who dare to enter.

Death’s Valor Keep

  • Location: Northwestern High Isle
  • Boss required for completion: Lord Leibert
  • Quests: In Secret and Shadow, A Final Peace

Death’s Valor Keep is a dilapidated garrison found in the northwestern region of High Isle. Its dilapidated walls are being overtaken by the surrounding plant life, and its once proud interior has almost completely fallen to ruin. Inside the keep, adventurers can also expect to run into the disturbed spirits of knights that once swore an oath to protect the keep, which they still strive to adhere to even in death.

The Firepot

  • Location: Central High Isle
  • Boss required for completion: Esh’curnu, the Behemoth
  • Quests: Arcane Research, Scalding Scavengers

The Firepot is a cavern inside a massive volcano that sits near the center of High Isle. It is a smoldering hot cavern built like a spoked wheel and houses some of the hardiest creatures in the entire region that can survive the volcano’s intense heat.

It is also a beautifully realized area with sharp contrasts between its orange-flowing lava and bright blue, glowing plant life.

Shipwreck Shoals

shipwreck shoals

  • Location: Off the western coast of High Isle
  • Boss required to complete: Captain Ithala
  • Quests: Deadly Investigations, Pirate Problems, The Long Way Home, Spies in the Shallows

The Shipwreck Shoals delve a small island off the coast of High Isle that is surrounded by dangerous rocks and coral growths. The coastal storms and currents are known to crash numerous ships into its borders, leaving them covered with shreds of rigging and shards of hulls.

The island’s interior is also home to a network of caves and caverns that allow smugglers and pirates to comfortably call the island home.


  • Location: To the west of Amenos
  • Boss required for completion: Jailer Mannick
  • Quests: Prison Problems, Pursuit of Freedom

Whalefall is a small island to the west of the prison island of Amenos. It is run by an influential figure known as Jailer Mannick and serves as the arena for his business. That business caters to an elite clientele that wants prisoners released into the wilds of the jungle to hunt them down and kill them, making it one of the most dangerous islands in the region.

High Isle Public Dungeons

High Isle also includes two public dungeons for those who purchase it. Public dungeons are similar to delves but are much larger. They are not instanced and feature their quests but also house numerous bosses and random public events.

They are primarily intended to be tackled in groups, but high-level players may be able to take them on by themselves.

Ghost Haven Bay

  • Entrance location: Southeast Amenos
  • Bosses: Captain Altair, Hadolid Broodmother, Captain Fauvette, Razor Fangs, Captain Tuvacca, Captain Marley
  • Quest: Buried at the Bay

Ghost Haven Bay is a coastal cave that serves as a pirate hub and ship graveyard. It is a large area interconnected with tunnels and caverns on multiple levels. Inside it,, players can expect to run into wild Hadolids and gangs of pirates hiding out before their next big score.

Spire of the Crimson Coin

  • Entrance location: Eastern High Isle
  • Bosses: Bloodmage Cassel, Chillspine, Shambleback, Crimson Apprentice, The Crimson Mother, The Blighted Carapace, Mouz the Unclean
  • Quest: Blood, books, and Steel

The Spire of the Crimson Coin is an abandoned Breton settlement off the coast of High Isle. It was built during the decadent reign of the coin barons that once owned High Rock.

After the fall of the coin barons, however, it was summarily abandoned and quickly became a refuge for necromancers and practitioners of dark magic who were looking to escape public scrutiny. It is a circular area with a tall spire at the center. The entire region is covered in cultists and violent undead.

High Isle Armor Sets

High Isle Armor Sets

Armor sets play a pivotal role in high-level gameplay in Elder Scrolls Online. After players reach maximum level, one of the best ways to develop their character’s capabilities further is by assembling the proper armor set. Each set has a unique appearance and boasting benefits that increase with the more pieces the player has equipped at a time.

There are six armor sets included in High Isle overall, with three available as drops in the region and the other three being craftable. To craft them, however, players have to find crafting stations that are hidden throughout the region.

Drop Sets

Blessing of High Isle

  • Weight: Light
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Magicka by 25-1096, depending on the level.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Magicka Recovery by 3-129 per second, depending on the level.
  • Four Item Bonus: Boosts the player’s Maximum Magicka by 25-1096, depending on the level.
  • Five Item Bonus: Increases the player’s damage dealt with Weapons and Spells by 8-369 for five seconds whenever they are healed.

Steadfast’s Mettle

  • Weight: Medium
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Stamina Recovery by 3-129 per second, depending on the level.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 25-1096, depending on their level.
  • Four Item Bonus: Adds 25-1096 to the player’s Maximum Stamina, depending on the level.
  • Five Item Bonus: Decreases the cost of combat abilities by 25% while the player is under the effect of a food-related buff.

Systres’ Scowl

  • Weight: Heavy
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 25-1096, depending on their level.
  • Three Item Bonus: Boosts the player’s Maximum Health by 28-1206, depending on the level.
  • Four Item Bonus: Adds 25-1096 to the player’s Maximum Stamina depending on their level.
  • Five Item Bonus: Makes bashing an enemy afflict them with Systres’ Scowl for 15 seconds. While they have Systres’ Scowl, they take 45-1973 additional Frost Damage when hit with a Light Attack. This effect can only be applied once per second.

Crafting Sets

Druid’s Braid

  • Location: Hidden Foundry, Amenos
  • Weight: All
  • One Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Health by 28-1206.
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Magicka by 25-1096.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 25-1906.
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Health by 28-1206.
  • Five Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Magicka by 36-1565.
  • Six Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 36-1565.
  • Seven Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Health by 40-1772.
  • Eight Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Magicka by 36-1565.
  • Nine Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 36-1565.
  • Ten Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Health by 40-1722.
  • Eleven Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Magicka by 26-1565.
  • Twelve Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 26-1565.

Order’s Wrath

order's wrath sets

  • Location: South of Steadfast Manor
  • Weight: All
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Critical Chance by 15-657.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s damage dealt with Weapons and Spells by 3-129.
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Critical Chance by 15-657.
  • Five Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Critical Chance by 21-943. It also increases the player’s Critical Damage and Healing by 8%.

Serpent’s Disdain

  • Location: North of Albatross Leap
  • Weight: All
  • Two Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Stamina by 25-1096.
  • Three Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Health by 28-1206.
  • Four Item Bonus: Increases the player’s Maximum Magicka by 25-1096.
  • Five Item Bonus: Adds 16 seconds to the duration of Status Effects the player applies.

High Isle World Bosses

World Bosses are challenging fights intended for multiple players, although high-level players can do them by themselves if they have a muscular build. Each World Boss features its unique mechanics, drops, and place in the world of expansion.

Each of them also has an associated quest that can be given a daily for players to complete for high-end rewards.

Amenos Basin

  • Location: Southwestern Amenos
  • Quest: Avarice of the Eldertide
  • Bosses: Rosara the Theurge, Skerard the Theurge

The Amenos Basin is a natural bowl in the topography of Amenos. It is home to a small group of druids that have taken up residency there, led by the powerful theurges Rosara and Skerard.

Before the player can challenge the World Bosses, however, they have to fight through their crowd of supporters blocking the basin’s entrance.

Dark Stone Hollow

Dark Stone Hollow

  • Location: Western High Isle
  • Quest: Ascendant Shadows
  • Bosses: Ascendant Executioner, Ascendant Harrower

The Dark Stone Hollow is a valley that protects one of the camps of the Ascendant Order. The camp is home to and run by the group’s Executioner and Harrower, who act as the World Bosses. They both fill leading positions in the order and are accordingly robust.

Faun Falls

  • Location: Northern High Isle
  • Quest: Wildhorn’s Wrath
  • Boss: Glemyos Wildhorn

The Faun Falls is a valley that is home to multiple waterfalls. This allows it to support exuberant plant life, attracting a powerful faun lord known as Glemyos Wildhorn. Wildhorn’s fight is tough but has a lot of fun and exciting mechanics for players to learn.

Monard Falls

  • Location: Central Amenos
  • Quest: A Special Reagent
  • Bosses: Hadolid matron, Hadolid Consort

The Mornard Falls is a cluster of waterfalls chosen as home by two leading Hadolids. The Matron and Consort are the most potent beings their species has to offer, especially when fighting them together.

Serpent Bog

  • Location: Central High Isle
  • Quest: The Serpent Caller
  • Boss: Serpent Caller Vinsha

The Serpent Bog is a swampy bowl almost at the dead center of High Isle. It is primarily vacant of life, but it has been claimed by a powerful monomer known as Serpent Caller Vinsha. Vinca is capable of summoning countless enemies to help her in her fight to defend her home from adventurers.

Y’ffre’s Cauldron

  • Location: Central High Isle
  • Quest: The Sable Knight
  • Boss: The Sable Knight

Y’ffre’s Cauldron is another natural bowl formed in the rocky terrain of High Isle. It is home to a mighty being known as a Soulrazer Knight. These knights are animated suits of armor that have come to life through the power of dark magic, making them mindless creatures with a penchant for violence.

High Isle Word Events

high isle word events

High Isle also introduces a new World Event called Volcanic Vents. In the region of High Isle there is always one Volcanic Vent active, but which one is chosen to activate is random. When they are busy they spawn waves of themed enemies for players to fight before spawning a massive boss once they are all defeated.

After killing the boss, players are rewarded with a coffer of high-level loot that can house gear, a fragment for a Tales of Tribute deck, and plenty else. Players can also accept a daily quest that rewards them for completing a single Volcanic Vent.

Each Volcanic Vent plays out the same as the others in High Isle. The locations of all seven are below.

  • Feywatch Isle: A small island off the northeastern coast of High Isle.
  • Flooded Coast: On the mainland of northeastern Amenos.
  • Garick’s Rise: On the mainland of northern High Isle. To the northwest of Garick’s Rest.
  • Haunted Coast: Found in southern Amenos, to the southwest of Ghost Haven Bay’s entrance.
  • Navire: In western High Isle, to the northeast of Castle Navire.
  • Sapphire Point: In southern High Isle, to the west of Gonfalon Bay.
  • Serpents Hollow: In central Amenos, to the south of Banished Refuge.

High Isle Companions

Players who purchase High Isle can also find two new companions to join them on their quests and adventures. Each companion comes with their unique personality, quest line, skills, behavior, and voice lines.

They can also be further customized through companion gear and players selecting which skills they want to give them as they level up. However, which companion a player decides to use largely depends on which one fits best with their preferred playstyle.

The two companions available in High Isle are below.

Isobel Veloise

  • Class: Templar
  • How to Unlock: Found at Castle Navire

Isobel is a knight aspirant that values honor and tradition above all else. She is an eager companion to the player and is excited at the possibility of venturing out to positively impact the wider world. Her Templar class also makes her a great healer, and tank option for players who either want to stand back and cast without interruption or need help staying on their feet against more formidable enemies.

However, Isobel’s true origins do make her a poor fit for less moral characters. Her rapport with the player is decreased whenever they go to an outlaw’s refuge, kill innocents, steal, or do anything related to the Dark Brotherhood.

It is also raised by knightly actions such as completing delves, dueling other players, maintaining one’s gear, or crafting.

Ember the Khajiit

  • Class: Sorcerer
  • How to Unlock: Ember is found at Draioch north of Gonfalon Bay

Ember is a powerful Khajiit companion with skills from the Sorcerer player class. This makes them an excellent damage option for players that need some help twiddling down enemy health bars. Ember has a natural gift for the magical arts, both positive and negative. They are a mighty Sorcerer because of it, but it also has led to them being slightly arrogant.

However, Ember does not mind getting their hands dirty with the player if they choose to, but they better not get caught. Ember has no problem with actions like pickpocketing, stealing, or trespassing, but their rapport with the player will decrease if caught.

It will also drop if guards kill the player, willingly pays a bounty, or goes fishing. To raise the rapport back up, players can do Mage Guild dailies, kill wolves, play Tales of Tribute, or successfully commit crimes.

High Isle Trial

tideborn taleria

For the game’s most dedicated players, High Isle also includes a new trail named Dreadsail Reef. Trials are the most challenging content in Elder Scrolls Online and blend the game’s combat with new mechanics, puzzles, and formats. They also cannot be matchmade and require a group of twelve players to complete.

Dreadsail Reef sees players attacking a base of a group of Maormer pirates known as the Dreadsails. To start it, they have to go to the entrance on the western part of High Isle. Once in the Trial they have to overcome a gauntlet of combat encounters as well as killing these bosses:

  • Tideborn Taleria
  • Turlassil, Lylanar
  • Reef Guardian
  • Sail Ripper
  • Bow Breaker

The Trial can also be completed to finish the a daily quest as well as its own unique quest, called All Hands on Deck. Players who get really experienced with the Trial may also want to try earning its 16 different achievements or collecting its four exclusive armor sets and their perfected variants.


Question: Is Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Worth it?

Answer: Whether or not High Isle is worth its asking price is largely up to personal preference. If you are a player that is looking for more content to play through or who wants to visit a new region in the world of Elder Scrolls, it definitely has enough quality content to support its asking price.

Question: How do You Unlock the High Isle Region in ESO?

Answer: Once you’ve purchased the expansion you need to go to the Collections section of the menu. there, you can select the Stories section and the Chapters subsection from there. In that area of the menu you’ll be able to accept the first quest of the expansion, Of Knights and Knaves.

Question: How Long I the Main Questline in High Isle?

Answer: The main questline will take most players roughly 15 hours to complete. However, players that want to experience everything the expansion has to offer will be able to sink dozens of hours more than that into the region.

Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Guide: Conclusion

Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow over the years in new ways. It is always great to see the developers deliver an expansion experience like High Isle that has something for every kind of player the game supports.

It also does an excellent job of exploring an area of the world that players have never gotten the chance to see before, and of giving a peek behind the curtain of the Bretons of Tamriel.

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