Best Elder Scrolls Merch Guide

Best Elder Scrolls Merch Guide

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The Elder Scrolls is one of the longest-running franchises in videogame history, and at this point, even nongamers know what games The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is. It’s had such a cultural impact in so many ways and has also been one of the most influential games in the history of the medium. With that type of acclaim comes plenty of awesome Elder Scrolls merchandise as well.

My time with the Elder Scrolls started with the Morrowind in 2003, but it didn’t exactly grip me until the series hit mainstream consoles with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I had never seen a game like that before, and it was really my introduction and many others to what the videogame world would become over the next decade-plus. Skyrim then completely swallowed my soul, and I still play that 10 years later pretty much weekly.

With a game series this long-running, you luckily get tons of awesome merchandise to go along with it. This ranges from action figures to shirts, cosplay items, useable creations, and so much more that the options can pretty much be endless. We’re going to explore how to find the best stuff around, where to get it and what are some of the best options you can find in that regard.

History of Elder Scrolls Merch

The Elder Scrolls series has so much merchandise to choose from in its long and storied history of games that it can be almost overwhelming to figure out what you want. This consists of sculptures, weapon replicas, cosplay getups, toys, usable equipment, posters, T-shirts, and pretty much any item you can of as there is likely someone, somewhere, who has made an Elder Scrolls form of it.

It’s essentially anything you can find with the name Elder Scrolls on it in some shape or form, and luckily for us, the internet is full of places to find it.

Dating back to the Elder Scrolls games of the 90s, you can find merchandise that shows off all the key characters in all of the games if you look hard enough, and that dedication from both manufacturers and the fanbase is a testament to the kind of impact this game series has had.

What Makes Great Elder Scrolls Merch

To me, there are a select few things that make a piece of merchandise great. It’s not always uniform, as each product has different pros and cons to it, but in general, you should have a set group of things that will make something worthy of adding to your collection.

First off, you want the product to make you nostalgic. For me, if I get a piece of videogame memorabilia that doesn’t immediately take me to some level, or a memorable fight that I had while playing, I don’t really need it. Some of this stuff is cool for sure, but it’s also expensive, so you want it to really mean something to you if you decide to get it.

The other thing you want your merchandise to have is some usefulness. Decorations are cool, but not everyone wants something that just sits there. I love when my Elder Scrolls merchandise actually serves a purpose, and this can be something as simple as a clock on the wall or even just a mug.

Luckily, so many of the craftsmen and women out there have the creativity to turn everyday things you use into pieces of Elder Scrolls merchandise, so you won’t have to search too far and wide to find something like that.

Lastly, make sure that what you’re buying has some longevity to it. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that will need replacing or will fade out over time, so make sure whatever you’re going to buy looks like something that will last you a long time as you really don’t want to be dealing with back forths between sellers about specific things that are going wrong with it or anything of that nature.

What to Look for When Buying Elder Scrolls Merch?

When looking for the best stuff in any genre of merchandise, you always want to consider a few things. First, you want to make sure you’re getting a quality product. Ways to make sure of this are by reading the reviews on any given piece of merchandise.

Sometimes, you’ll get to a product that is really well made, but it was only recently put on sale, so the reviews aren’t always going to be there. In general, though, you should make sure you read at least 5 reviews for anything you’re going to buy to make sure it will look as it’s depicted and also come in good condition as well.

The next thing you want to watch out for is the price. Yes, some of these pieces of merchandise can really have you reaching into the depths of your wallet, and they can be worth it if that’s what you’re looking for, but sometimes you’ll see weakly made items that are going for a really high price, and that’s where you need to be pretty wary.

This is generally found in official stores, and usually, you can do better by finding fan-made merchandise of the same variety. That’s not to say all stores miss the mark here, so you’ll need to use your judgment to figure out what’s worth it and what isn’t.

The last thing you need to keep note of is accurate material. Everyone wants a model of the Dragonborn in their home, but nobody wants just some random Viking-looking character that’s been rebranded as a Skyrim one. You want authenticity and effort here, not some cheap attempt to make some quick money.

Most official stores will have accurately made creations, but the fan-made ones are a bit sketchier, and while some of the stuff they make is easily on par with anything you find officially, some people are just going to be throwing together Elder Scrolls like items and slapping the name Skyrim on there hoping for a bite. Don’t waste your money on these if you can help it.

Where Do You Find Elder Scrolls Merch?

Finding Elder Scrolls Merchandise can be tough as there are so many vendors you have the choice to purchase from. You want to narrow this down to the ones with the best reputation if you ask me, and for that, it’s the big three.

These stores have been the most trustworthy ones for all my purchasing needs when it comes to Elder Scrolls merchandise or any other franchise for that matter. They offer a ton of variety in things to choose from, and the range is what makes shopping for these things so much fun. You can find things you never expected, from household items to incredible pieces of gear you can wear yourself.

Apart from the above stores, you can also use sites such as to find some great stuff too, but be aware that you’ll be buying from individual sellers, and a lot of the time, the item will not be in brand new condition, so make sure you know the seller is reputable before putting your hard-earned cash into this first.

Examples of Products

The range of products you can find in the Elder Scrolls series is seriously impressive. Here is everything you can expect to find when it comes to searching for Elder Scrolls merchandise.

  • Cups
  • Action figures
  • Sculptures
  • Paintings
  • Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Cosplay
  • Equipment
  • Weapon replicas
  • Lighters
  • Guitar picks
  • Decoration
  • Board games

This list isn’t definitive as there are more and more products being made every day that you can find, so keep up with the sites you find that work for you as they are usually always good for a few surprises.

Best Elder Scrolls Merch

We’re going to check out the best stuff that you can find right now. This will cover a wide range of products, so even if you don’t immediately see something that catches your eye, keep scrolling, and you might just find what you’re looking for.

Skyrim Hey, You’re Finally Awake Mug

One of the most iconic game lines I can think of takes place when you first start up Skyrim and awaken in the cart. The “Hey, you’re finally awake.” line that follows is one that’s been named to hell and back, but that doesn’t make it any less great.

This mug uses unique heat-changing colors to make that very image of you being asked that on the coffee mug, but it only appears after a cup of hot liquid has been poured in, making this an incredibly clever use of the Elder Scrolls license.


  • Funny
  • Well made
  • Useful


  • The mug is black unless it’s being heated
  • A little expensive

Skyrim Notebooks

One of the best parts of Skyrim is the College of Winterhold questline. You put on your Harry Potter hat here and take place in a school for magic.

These awesome notebooks make you feel like you’re right back there learning new spells, and each one has a sign from the magic school on it with options for Restoration, Alteration, Illusion, Destruction, and Conjuration available for purchase, with each one looking authentic to the game in the best way. You can also purchase the whole bundle. Each notebook comes with 20 pages.


  • Amazing attention to detail
  • Useful
  • Great color


  • Only 20 pages of looseleaf

Skyrim Quest Marker

If you’ve played Skyrim, you know that you’ll be looking at your map an awful lot during your quest. The quest marker is likely drilled into your mind at this point, but in case you’re in need of a refresher, this awesome and creative product gives you the Skyrim quest marker to stick anywhere in your home.

You could use it as a coaster, or many put it somewhere like the bathroom door. Regardless of how you use it, it’s a hilarious little tribute to Skyrim that you can bring into your home.


  • Well made
  • Exactly like the game
  • Funny
  • Cheap


  • None, does exactly what it says

Elder Scrolls Beard and Hair Oils

The Elder Scrolls games are filled with races of many different kinds, and one of the most unique parts of each one is the weird and wild hair and beards that they tend to have. This is a very unique product that mixes different natural oils to try and come up with scents that would mirror Dwarven, Skooma, Wood Elf, Redguard, Dark Elf, and Savage Pirates in the Elder Scrolls series.

It’s made with jojoba, almond, olive oil, argan oil, spearmint, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, smoke, and beard beads, so you don’t need to worry about any weird substances being thrown into your beard here. I’ve only tried the Dwarven one, but it’s incredibly well made and makes your beard smell and feel incredible, so give it a shot and see what you think.


  • Useful
  • Smells amazing
  • Well made
  • Creative


  • Useless without a beard
  • Scents might not please everyone
  • Requires consistent usage to see results

Oblivion Necklace

Oblivion, to me, is one of the most underrated games in the series. Everyone loves Skyrim, and then the hardcore crowd can’t stop obsessing over Morrowind, but to me, Oblivion does a lot better than both of those games do.

If you’re on team Oblivion like I am, you’re going to love this necklace; and it features a well-detailed oblivion symbol with some fire cracking through the necklace stone, and the aesthetic to it is just amazing. This necklace looks like it was ripped right off the field, so Cyrodil, and is an awesome addition to any fan’s collection.


  • Looks great
  • Well made
  • Accurate to the game
  • Customizable length


  • Smaller than it appears
  • Not cheap

Dark Brotherhood Blanket

One of the most popular factions in all of the Elder Scrolls games has always been the Dark Brotherhood, and here, you get a full blanket with the famous “We know.” sign on it, and the look of this thing is just awesome. The iconic dark red and black logo looks phenomenal, and the material is well made, too, as it’s a fleece blanket.

For some reason, a Dark Brotherhood blanket just makes a lot of sense to have, and you can always throw it on someone while they’re sleeping, letting you know they are marked for recruitment.


  • Comfortable
  • Well made
  • Accurate to the series
  • Useful


  • Not as big as the picture make it look
  • Difficult to wash

The Elder Scrolls Online Personalized Beer Mug

I don’t know about you, but I love spending time in pubs in the Elder Scrolls games. There is something so strange and peaceful about them, and the wild races you encounter while you’re there add so much personality to the game.

For those that wish they were drinking alongside the Argonians, this mug is an awesome choice as it’s incredibly well made, large, and emblazoned with the fantastic Elder Scrolls Online logo, and it’s even able to be personalized if you so choose.


  • Handcrafted wood
  • Amazing Detail
  • Very large


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t fit everyone’s hands

Skyrim Wall Hanger

There is a lot that goes into making a logo for a game, and when it comes to Skyrim, they managed to come up with one of the coolest looking ones I’ve ever seen. If you feel the same, you’d be smart to grab this awesome wall display.

Unlike most wall displays, this is made with cold casted iron powder and then rusted to get the appropriately Skyrim to look to it. It’s pretty heavy, too, so you need to mount it properly, or it could fall, but well-mounted, this thing looks absolutely awesome.


  • Amazing detail
  • Looks exactly like the logo
  • Rusted and painted options
  • Sizable


  • Heavy
  • Tough to mount properly
  • Pricey
  • Long wait time for delivery

Rings of Mara Wedding Rings

I love when sellers get creative with their tributes to certain games. Making wedding rings out of the Amulet of Mara is both genius and fits in perfectly with Elder Scrolls lore, and the result is a gorgeous wedding or engagement ring that comes in multiple forms of 14K gold as well as an option for sterling silver too. If you and your significant other are longtime Elder Scrolls fans, this is a great way to show it.


  • Amazing design
  • Clever use of lore
  • Useful


  • Only a select few people will want this
  • Cheap for wedding rings
  • Jewel is tiny

Dwemer Helmet

One of my favorite parts of Elder Scrolls lore is the Dwemer. This mysterious and ancient race is mentioned many times through The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but we never see what they looked like, only their impressive technology instead.

That impressive technology is on display here with the Dwemer Helmet. This looks like you could’ve found it excavating one of the very hard to pronounce names of Dwemer ruins in Skyrim, and that’s because it’s made with an extremely high-quality 3D resin printer that’s been painted gold and sealed with lacquered clear coat. It’s very well made and decent sized too, so it’s perfect to display on a shelf.


  • Expertly made
  • Looks just like the game version
  • Decent weight


  • Not real gold
  • A bit expensive
  • Could be bigger

Alduin Dragon Diffuser

This is simply one of the coolest products I’ve ever seen on The Alduin Dragon Diffuser sprays essential oils of any kind from the mouth of one of the most iconic villains in Elder Scrolls history.

This diffuser looks so damn cool with its glowing red eyes and perfectly recreated Alduin head that you’d be shocked to find out it’s made by just one person. It’s a little expensive for sure, but for those wanting a diffuser in their place with some serious style to it, you can’t go wrong here.


  • Looks amazing
  • Recreates Alduin perfectly
  • Useful
  • Expertly made


  • Need to pay extra for the oils
  • Will be useless without oils
  • Needs to be maintained, or else it could get unhealthy to use


One of the most amazing weapons in Skyrim is the glass sword, and I’ve always marveled at the design of it and how it looks different than any weapon in any other game I’ve played. The legendary Chillrend version of that weapon comes to life here in an awesome way with this totally safe and fully 3D printed replica weapon perfect for display as well as cosplay.

The amazing paint job on it makes it reflective in the light, too, so it’s easy to imagine it being the exact weapon it’s supposed to be. It’s built sturdily as well, so feel free to swing it around without fear of it breaking.


  • Incredible design
  • Just like the in-game version
  • Shimmers in the light just like its in-game counterpart
  • Usable


  • It’s on the pricey side
  • No actual blade involved
  • Could be heavier

Map of Tamriel

Not enough is said about the endless amount of lore that has gone into this series over the years. It’s got enough backstory to contend with such classics as Lord of The Rings, and part of that is because we’ve seen the world so fleshed out that every inch has basically been explored.

That world is Tamriel, and whether you’ve explored the marshes of Morrowind or the sun-drenched fields of Cyrodiil, you likely have an attachment to this place, and this awesome product gives you the full map of Tamriel to hang on your wall, and it’s quite sizable as well.

It’s fully detailed too, showing every mountain range and notable city that you can imagine. It’s also incredibly cheap but well made, so you can’t really beat it when it comes to decoration.


  • Incredible detail
  • Looks exactly like an in-game map
  • Sizable
  • Perfect, old-world style colors


  • Material could be better
  • Tears easily

Skyrim Helmet

One of the most iconic images in all of Elder Scrolls lore is that of the Dragonborn. In all the promotional materials, we saw a character with a unique, horned helmet, and it came to be the defining look of the hero of what would become one of the most popular games of all time.

Here, you get that exact helmet that is fully wearable both for costume and cosplay needs. It’s made of high-quality aluminum, so it’ll be sturdy no matter what you decide to do with it. It’s also easy to prop up and can make for an awesome decoration for any Skyrim fan to use around the house. For those looking for an exact replica of the in-game Skyrim helmet, this is about as good as it can possibly get.


  • Amazing detail
  • Sturdy material
  • Size fits all
  • Handmade


  • Expensive

My Top Picks

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Personalized Beer Mug – This mug is incredibly well made and seems like it was ripped right out of the world of Tamriel for you to enjoy
  • Children – I’ve seldom seen better replicas than this one. It looks exactly like its in-game counterpart and is made with the utmost detail.
  • Skyrim Wall Hanger – This awesome wall ornament is a great addition to any Skyrim fan’s collection, and the incredible detail and perfectly rusted look makes it stand out in a big way.


Question: Where is the best place to get Elder Scrolls Merchandise?

Answer: You can find Elder Scrolls merchandise all over the internet, but the three best places to find it is usually,, and the Bethesda store. They generally have the best-made products and also offer you a ton of customer reviews so you can figure out what is right for you.

Question: What is the best Elder Scrolls game?

Answer: This is subjective, but The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most important games in videogame history and effectively shaped an entire genre, so for that reason, and the fact I still play it regularly 10+ years after its release, I’m giving the best Elder Scrolls game to Skyrim.

Question: Are any Elder Scrolls games multiplayer?

Answer: One of the most popular Elder Scrolls games ever, Elder Scrolls: Online is fully multiplayer. It lets you play with hundreds of others across the world and explore a truly unheard-of amount of areas for a multiplayer game.

Best Elder Scrolls Merch Guide: Conclusion

It’s tough to find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to Elder Scrolls merchandise, but luckily for us, there are tons of fans and companies dedicated to creating and crafting awesome things for us to buy and have in our homes, so hopefully, this guide helped you find what you’re looking for in the world of The Elder Scrolls.

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