Firewood Skyrim Guide: How Much Wood Could a Dragonborn Cut?

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I guess you could label me as a master lumberjack after supplying Skyrim with a mountainous amount of Firewood to keep the tavern fireplaces burning while Nords merry make into the early hours of the night. There are over fifty Wood Chopping blocks dotted around Skyrim and massive demand for Firewood.

There is no limit to the amount of wood you can chop, just how much you can carry. After this guide, you’ll resemble something like Arnie from the opening scene of Comando. After all, as the Dragonborn, you’re going to have to be in top shape to save Tamriel from the impending doom of the Dragon Crisis.

Now I know what you’re thinking “I’ve played hundreds of hours of Skyrim, and not once have I needed to chop a log.” That might be the case if you are playing on a lower difficulty. Still, suppose you are playing on Legendary difficulty with Survival mode enabled.

In that case, I recommend utilizing this free infinite source of income early in the game. Furthermore, Chopping Firewood is a source of income that does not level any of the skills giving you more control over your character’s level. This is very useful when playing the game on Legendary difficulty, as enemies will scale to your level.

Key Firewood Beginner Tips

  • Riverwood features four Wood Chopping blocks as well as a Wood Cutters Axe. Making it an excellent place to earn some money early in the game. You can utilize barrels and containers to store heaps of Firewood to shave off time ferrying Firewood to Hod.
  • You can get your followers to chop Firewood simultaneously with you. They can chop wood without a woodcutter’s axe in their inventory.
  • Sell your Firewood to Innkeepers and Lumber Mill workers for five gold at a better price than merchants.
  • Firewood has a weight of five and has a base value of five gold.
  • Selling Firewood to Lumber Mill owners with the Hearthfire DLC installed will increase their disposition towards you. Allowing you to acquire your own Sawn Logs at mills free of charge.

How to Sell Firewood in Skyrim?

You don’t need to be a smooth salesman or entrepreneur to get your Firewood business going. Luckily for you, Firewood is a necessity in Skyrim, and while there are other sources of fire, I’d instead use Firewood than Dragonfire to Roast a Goat Leg over.

You can sell your Firewood to any merchant for two gold. However, I’d refrain from this and sell it to Innkeepers and Lumber Mill workers as you’ll get a price of five gold for each log.

Now that doesn’t sound like a lot of gold; however, you can seriously line your pockets with money if you put the time in. Each wood chopping session grants you six pieces of Firewood and takes roughly thirty seconds. In about fifteen minutes, you can chop 150 pieces of Firewood which is equivalent to 750 gold. You can make 3000 gold presuming you sell your Firewood to an Innkeeper or Lumber Mill worker in an hour.

While this may be a bit tedious, in just two hours, you’ll be able to afford Breezehome in Whiterun and some basic refurbishments. Owning a house is extremely useful when playing on Survival and Legendary mode. You’ll be able to store many resources and valuable items here without burdening your limited inventory space.

  • Make 3000 gold in an hour in real-time, or 6000 gold in two hours. Granting you enough money to purchase Breezehome in Whiterun.
  • Alternatively, you can chop Firewood simultaneously with your follower to earn the same amount of gold in half the time. 

Wood Chopping Block Locations

Thanks to Skyrim’s wet and variable climate, there are many lush and dense forests blanketing the province of Skyrim. Therefore you’ll find many Lumber Mills and areas to chop wood. Here is a list of good Wood Chopping Block locations that I recommend visiting.

There are over fifty Wood Chopping Blocks in the game. However, I’m only going to show you the best locations that will allow you to profit faster than others.

  • Remember that you will need a Woodcutter’s Axe to chop Firewood. Some of these locations feature an axe. However, if you can’t find one, use your follower or chop Firewood alongside your follower. Riverwood is the best location for this.


Truly one of the greatest locations to chop Firewood. There are four blocks to choose from in Riverwood. I recommend using the block behind the Lumber MIll left of the small jetty. This serves as a great location to chop wood.

There are barrels located right of the jetty where you can store Firewood to shorten the time taken by ferrying it to either the Sleeping Giant Inn or Hod. You will find two more Wood Chopping Blocks near the Lumber Mill, and you will find the last one behind the Sleeping Giant Inn, which I highly recommend.

Hod works at the Lumber Mill in Riverwood and is married to Gerdur, the mill owner. He lives at the back of Riverwood and will also sell sawn logs to you and let you collect your own logs if you have the Hearthfire DLC installed. You can get additional help from either Faendal or Sven to chop Firewood.

You can get either by completing a short quest to deliver a letter to Camilla. I recommend siding with Faendal as he works at the lumber mill in Riverwood. Once you’ve befriended Faendal, you can order him to chop wood or fill his inventory with Firewood.


Whiterun is a great place to collect Firewood as it’s a safe area and a compact city that has everything you need within a short walk. There are two Wood Chopping Blocks in Whiterun, one located at the back of Belethor’s General Goods and one by the entrance of the Bannered Mare.

The Bannered Mare Chopping Block is better, in my opinion, as you are just a door away from the Innkeeper Hulga for selling your Firewood. However, you can utilize both blocks with a follower doubling your Firewood output.

Bear in mind that Sigurd can often be found working for Belethor chopping Firewood on the Wood Chopping Block next to his store. Therefore you may have to come back or wait until night time to get him to leave. Alternatively, you can accept a Dark Brotherhood assassination contract to kill Sigurd to permanently get rid of him. Although I think this is a bit harsh just to collect some Firewood!

Anga’s Mill and Windhelm

Located West of Windhelm, Anga’s Mill takes a spot on my list of the best places to chop Firewood. It has two Wood Chopping Blocks and two Wood Cutter’s Axes located just outside of Aeri’s house, the owner of the Lumber Mill. You can sell your Firewood to Aeri. Furthermore, you can marry Aeri, which will give you a percentage of her profits made from the Lumber Mill.

Make sure to bring a follower if you will use this location as the mill is isolated. However, you can follow the river back to the city of Windhelm if need be. However, this is only necessary if playing on survival mode and you cannot fast travel. Alternatively, a Wood Chopping Block can be found in Windhelm that can be found near Windhelm’s Marketplace.


There are two Wood Chopping Blocks located in the swampy village of Morthal. You’ll find both Wood Chopping Blocks near the Lumber Mill next to Jorgen and Lami’s House. This is by far one of the best locations to chop Firewood as both Wood Chopping Blocks are very close together.

Making it very easy for you chop Firewood and manage your Follower at the same time. If one of the Chopping blocks are being used by an NPC, you can use the wait feature or come back once the NPCs have gone to sleep or drink in an inn for the night.

Dragon’s Bridge

Dragons Bridge is a small settlement commonly used pit stop for adventurers traveling between Solitude and Markarth. There are two Wood Chopping Blocks located at Dragons Bridge and an inn and lumber mill. Dragons Bridge is a great location to chop Firewood.

You can chop wood with your follower simultaneously. One block is located outside the Lylvieve Family House and one outside the main Lumber Mill building. However, note that no Axes are lying around this area. You can sell your Firewood to Horgier.

Where to Chop Firewood in Solstheim?

Raven Rock

You can find two Wood Chopping Blocks in Solstheim Raven Rock if you are away from Skyrim. Of course, you will need the Dragonborn DLC if you visit this area. You can find the first Wood Chopping Block on the docks and the second block by the entrance of Raven Rock Mine. Raven Rock acts as the central hub in Solstheim. As a result, it’s the best place to chop Firewood as you are close to all the facilities you need, and you won’t have to travel far to sell your Firewood.

Skaal Village

If you are in Solstheim and need some Firewood for extra gold, head to Skall Village, as you will find a Wood Chopping Block near Deo Woodcutter’s House. As well as a Woodcutter’s Axe. While Skall Village only features one block, Solstheim has limited peaceful settlements. You’ll find a blacksmith and mead hall in the Skall Village, making it a reasonably valuable town to visit. 

Highpoint Tower, the Firewood Treasure Trove

If you have the Dragonborn DLC installed, you have the opportunity to collect a significant sum of Firewood. There are a total of twenty-two pieces of Firewood equaling 110 gold and carry weight located at Highpoint Tower.

Though you will have to travel to Soltheim to access this area, therefore I recommend exploring this area if you are close by. However, it’s not worth your time to travel there if you are in Skyrim or far away from Highpoint Tower. Furthermore, make sure you bring a tough follower to carry the Firewood and aid in battling you through disgusting and dangerous Frost Cloaked Spiders and Jumping Frost Spiders. 

Where to Find Wood Cutter’s Axe

Every lumberjack needs a good sturdy Wood Cutter’s Axe to chop Firewood at the various Wood Chopping Blocks located around Skyrim.

Here is a list of locations where you can acquire one. Luckily for you, the axe is commonly found in Skyrim, and you’ll often find it laying around Lumber Mills and in the inventory of hunters. The Woodcutter’s Axe counts as a one-handed weapon and weighs ten units; therefore, you will want to store it in your follower’s inventory. 

You can find the axe very early on in the game, as three can be found in Riverwood. The first can be found on the table behind the lumber mill, the second in Faendal’s house, and the third can be found in Alvor and Sigrid’s house. You can find an additional axe in Embershard Mine just outside of Riverwood. 

Unique Poacher’s Axe 

The Poacher’s Axe is a unique variant of the Woodcutter’s Axe that possesses the Huntsman’s Prowess enchantment. A unique enchantment that deals three points of extra damage to animals. The poacher’s axe is classed as a woodcutter’s axe, so it can be used for chopping Firewood at Wood Chopping Blocks.

You can find this axe in Halted Stream Camp, located between Whiterun and Whitewatch Tower. If you have previously cleared this dungeon, the axe will spawn in the main room that is marked with a dead mammoth.

  • Despite being an upgrade to the woodcutter’s axe, it does not grant any benefits for chopping Firewood.

What Else Can I do with Firewood?

Firewood is not just fuel for fire but can also be used to upgrade the Longbow and Wooden Sword. However, bear in mind that these weapons do not benefit from any Smithing perk. Firewood can also be used for crafting arrows, bolts, and even a Crossbow if the Dawnguard DLC is installed.

  • You can craft twenty-four arrows or ten Crossbow Bolts by using one piece of Firewood and a metal ingot of your choosing.
  • You can craft a Crossbow only if you have completed the “A New Order” quest for the Dawnguard faction. To craft a Crossbow, you will need three pieces of Firewood and three Steel Ingots, and you must use a forge in Fort Dawnguard.

If you are a completionist and avid achievement hunter, you are going to have to chop Firewood, cook food, and mine ore at least once in the game to unlock the “Hard Worker” achievement. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to unlock this achievement if you have mods installed. 


Question: How do I spawn in Firewood using Console Commands in Skyrim?

Answer: You can spawn in Firewood by using console commands by first pressing the tilde key. You can find this key underneath the escape key. Next, type in the following code player.AddItem 0006F993 1. If you want to spawn Firewood in front of your character, you can alternatively type player.PlaceAtMe 0006f993.

Question: Can you Interrupt NPCs Using Wood Chopping Blocks in Skyrim?

Answer:Typically, you are able to interrupt working NPCs that are using a working station such as a grindstone, tanning rack, cooking pot, etc. However, you cannot interrupt NPCs that are using a Wood Chopping Block. Therefore you will either have to wait for them to finish or go find a free wood block.

Question: How Can I Make Money in Skyrim?

Answer: On your Skyrim adventure, you will be able to harvest crops to sell to farmers and mine ore to sell to miners. As well as deliver items and fistfight challenging NPCs. You’ll also be able to pick up contracts to kill Giants, Bandit Leaders, Dragons, as well as Forsworn Leaders. 


In conclusion, chopping Firewood is a great way to earn some gold without affecting your skills levels allowing you to keep control over your character’s levels which is essential for more serious difficulties such as Legendary mode.

I recommend making the most of chopping Firewood early in the game. As this will give you a headstart that can propel you into the game without the worry of saving money for a house, allowing you to focus your spending on weapons and crafting materials.

Therefore I recommend acquiring a woodcutter’s axe and completing Faendal’s side quest as soon as you arrive in Riverwood. As you will be able to double your profits and half the time is chopping wood with Faendal. Remember that followers do not need a Woodcutter’s axe in their inventory, so you can get chopping straight away. In addition, I would avoid singular Wood Chopping Blocks as this will take longer. 

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