Quarried Stone Skyrim Guide

Quarried Stone Skyrim Guide

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This might be a bit of a hot take, but Hearthfire is my favorite Skyrim DLC. Yes, it has way less content than both Dawnguard and Dragonborn, but I’m a sucker for RPGs letting me build my own home/base. It’s the same reason I still go back to Fallout 4 every so often, even after doing literally everything there is to do in that game.

While not as expansive as that Fallout system, Heartfire’s homestead construction was pretty good for its time. The ability to build what amounts to a Skyrim mansion with your own two hands is excellent, even if gathering some of the materials you need is a nightmare. That’s why I’ve put together this Quarried Stone Skyrim guide.

You’ll need upwards of 200 quarried stone to build the Skyrim home of your dreams. That might sound daunting, especially as it’s awkward to buy stone from a supplier, but it’s really not. If you follow this quarried stone guide, you’ll have enough stone to build several homesteads in a matter of minutes.

Skyrim Quarried Stone Guide – Key Details


Location: Next to your homestead crafting bench.

Cost: None (cannot be bought).

Features: Used in the construction of a homestead.

Item Type: Crafting material.

How to Farm Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Where to Mine Quarried Stone


You shouldn’t need me to tell you that mining in Skyrim is a miserable experience. If you’re far enough in your playthrough to need quarried stone, then chances are you’ve done some mineral mining yourself.

It’s a slow, tedious process that often doesn’t even give you all that much in the way of crafting mats (materials). So, it’s with great displeasure that I must inform you that the only way to farm quarried stone in Skyrim is to mine it. Yeah…

There isn’t a single vendor in the country that sells quarried stone, which is weird given that you can buy all the other materials and highlights a gaping hole in Skyrim’s economic supply line.

So, with no quarry to buy from, you’ll have to mine all your quarried stone by hand. It’s not all bad, though, because a single vein of quarried stone has 4,000 units in it. That’s more than enough to build several houses, so you shouldn’t ever need more than one vein.

To make matters even better, each of the three Hearthfire homes (Lakeview, Windstad Manor, and Heljarchen Hall) has a stone vein next to your workshop setup. So, you’ll never need to travel or look for stones. You’ll always have a source of it; you’ll just need to mine it every so often.

We’ve established that the only way to get quarried stone in Skyrim is to mine it, so now we need to make that process as efficient as possible. Hopefully, you’ve realized that just hitting an ore vein with a pickaxe is infinitely faster for mining than going through that painstakingly slow animation. If not, now you know.

Rather than just swinging for the fences with one pickaxe, though, you should be dual-wielding them. If you time your power attacks and regular attacks correctly, it’s very easy to get five or six hits off in a matter of a second or two. This dramatically increases the speed at which you’ll be mining quarried stone. If you want to take that one step further, use the Elemental Fury shout to increase the speed of your attacks.

To sum all of that up, this is how you farm quarried stone in Skyrim:

  • Dual-wield pickaxes. 
  • Get the Elemental Fury shout. 
  • Locate the stone quarry by your crafting station. 
  • Cast the shout and alternate regular and power attacks on the stone. 

Oh, and if, for some miraculous reason, the stone next to your construction site runs dry, you can find an easy replacement right behind the Battle-Born Farm in Whiterun.

Order Quarried Stone From Your Steward

Okay, I lied. Technically, you can buy quarried stone in Skyrim. Rather than buying the stone in a traditional sense from a vendor, you’ll be placing an order for it with your Steward.

You’ll need to have a small house built and a steward assigned to it to do this. Then, ask them to order some stone for you. It’ll cost you 100 Septims for 20 units, which is a rip-off, truth be told, but it’s still an option available to you should you want to take it.

What is Quarried Stone Used For?


Quarried stone has one use in Skyrim, and that’s in the construction of your homestead/Golden Hills Plantation. These construction processes use a ton of raw materials, including stone, wood, and iron. While you can buy the two latter materials, you can’t purchase stone, making it one of the more irritating crafting mats to manage.

Thankfully, quarried stone is only really used in the construction of new rooms/areas of your homestead. While some decorations require small amounts of quarried stone, the vast majority of your supply will be going on the North, West, and East wings in your house.

Small House

Requires: 14 quarried stone.

The small house is the very first thing you build when you buy land in one of the three Hearthfire-included holds. This serves as a basic tutorial to homestead building. To assist with that learning process, the game provides you with all of the supplies you’ll need for this part of your house for free. You’ll find it in a chest by your crafting station. You should be able to see your stone quarry here, too.

Main Hall

main hall

Requires: 36 quarried stone.

Your main hall needs 36 quarried stone to construct. However, if has two extra add-ons in the form of the cellar and aquarium. The cellar costs 50 quarried stone to build, while the aquarium costs 25 quarried stone. So, in total, your main hall will run you 101 quarried stone. This accounts for well over half of your total used stone.

Aside from that, you’ll need materials for your three different wings. Each wing has three add-on options that range from 14 to 18 quarried stone.

East Wing

  • Armory

Requires: 18 quarried stone.

  • Kitchen

Requires: 14 quarried stone.

  • Library

Requires: 16 quarried stone.

West Wing

  • Bed Rooms

Requires: 18 quarried stone.

  • Enchanter’s Tower

Requires: 16 quarried stone.

  • Greenhouse

Requires: 14 quarried stone.

North Wing

Alchemy Laboratory

  • Alchemy Laboratory

Requires: 16 quarried stone.

  • Storage Room

Requires: 18 quarried stone.

  • Trophy Room

Requires: 14 quarried stone.

Exterior Decorations

That’s pretty much all you’ll ever need quarried stone for. However, a handful of exterior decorations need stone to be crafted. Specifically, there’s the Armorer Workbench, Fish Hatchery, Mill, Grindstone, and Smelter. Altogether, this shouldn’t cost more than 10 quarried stone, though, so I wouldn’t worry about allocating resources for it. Just focus on farming up 150-200 quarried stone and you should have enough for everything.


Question: Where do I find quarried stone in Skyrim?

Answer: The three easiest locations to find quarried stone in Skyrim are next to the crafting benches for the three Hearthfire player homes. When you buy the land to build a homestead, you will be provided with a crafting bench and a chest of supplies. You should be able to find a stone quarry next to that chest.

Question: Can I buy quarried stone in Skyrim?

Answer: Technically, yes, you can buy quarried stone in Skyrim. To buy quarried stone, you’ll need to assign a follower to be the personal steward of your homestead. Speak with them and they’ll be able to order materials for you, including quarried stone. This is the only way to buy stone, and it will cost you 100 Septims per 20 units.

Question: Do stone quarries run out in Skyrim?

Answer: Yes, however, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever run out yourself. Stone quarries in Skyrim have around 4,000 units of stone in them that can be mined before they are depleted. You receive 4 stone per material mine, and you don’t need more than 200 (give or take) to completely build a home. So, you should never have to worry about your stone quarry running out in Skyrim.

Quarried Stone Skyrim Guide: Conclusion

That’s it for my Skyrim quarried stone guide. There’s not too much to say about it beyond telling you how to farm it effectively. Even if you don’t have the Elemental Fury shout, make sure you’re at least dual wielding your pickaxes for mining.

Never, and I mean never ever, mine quarried stone by interacting with the stone quarry. The animation takes several seconds, and you’re only getting four pieces of stone per mine. Trust me, you’ll be three or four times faster mining it by hand, even with one pickaxe.

Aside from that, go and have fun. Don’t obsess too hard over micromanaging your materials and just build.

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