Eoin Black

At the bright young age of nine years old, Eoin played his first-ever video game. Despite investing serious time into Esports, Eoin always found himself returning to narrative-driven games, vowing to one day make it as a narrative designer himself.His love for the Elder Scrolls have been a constant inspiration, and if he can come up with a world half as rich and expansive, he will consider it a successful venture.

Fahlbtharz Guide

In this Fahlbtharz guide, I’m going to run you through how to solve the Fahlbtharz puzzles so that you can get your hands on the Visage of Mzund. A lot of players consider the Visage to be one of the strongest helms in all of Skyrim, so it’s more than worth spending the time needed …

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Saarthal Puzzle Guide

Saarthal Puzzle Guide

There aren’t many puzzles in Skyrim that you can classify as complex at all. I mean, 99% of the ones you come across just involve looking at some symbols, then rotating some pillars to match those symbols. You’re doing the same mechanic, with the same symbols, and the same level design across the dozens of …

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Sovngarde Guide

Sovngarde Guide

Consider this a massive spoiler warning right now. This guide deals with the ending of Skyrim‘s main questline, including a walkthrough for the last two quests. I’m going to be talking about what happens explicitly here, so if you haven’t finished Skyrim yet and you don’t know what happens, be aware that I discuss that …

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Lost to the Ages Guide

Bethesda really stepped up its game when it came to Skyrim’s DLC content. While Dragonborn is easily the undisputed king of the bunch (although Hearthfire is a personal favorite of mine), Dawnguard came with a plethora of phenomenal quests, both as side quests as well as the DLC’s main quest itself. One of those side …

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Azura's Star Guide

Azura’s Star Guide

Azura’s Star is one of the earliest available Daedric artifacts in Skyrim and is also one of the most useful. Having an infinite Soul Gem from the start of the game is extremely valuable and can save you a lot of time, and money when it comes to getting a head start on your Enchantment …

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