Sheogorath Guide

The Elder Scrolls has a fantastic cast of characters no matter where one looks. Whether it be a guild leader, a random citizen on the street of a city, or a Daedric Prince, they all have fleshed out personalities and stories for the player to explore and learn from. Not only does this help capture …

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Silt Strider Guide

Morrowind is like the video game equivalent of a culture shock. Skyrim reigns supreme nowadays and has done so for over a decade. Heading back into Oblivion is a challenge for many modern-day Elder Scrolls gamers. But Morrowind? For some, it’s almost a Herculean task. By modern standards, the combat is clunky and archaic. Reading …

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Jiub Guide

In the waning years of the third era of Tamriel, a prisoner born on a certain day to uncertain parents was sent under guard, to Morrowind, ignorant of the role he was to play in that nation’s history…” Morrowind focuses on the Nerevarine, the prophesied reincarnation of the great Dumner hero Lord Nerevar. We didn’t …

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Dragon Priest Mask Guide

There are dozens of unique pieces of gear that players can hunt down in Skyrim. However, one of the most coveted and distinctive are the various Dragon Priest Masks. Each mask has a unique appearance and enchantment that helps one work for nearly any character build that players could opt to use during their playthrough. Even …

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