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Steel Ingot Skyrim Guide

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Maybe you’re returning to Skyrim, or perhaps it’s your very first time playing the game. No matter which one, you’ll use the Smithing skill at some point in the game. Therefore you must know how to use the forge and the many resources found around Skyrim.

You can make basic equipment with steel ingots. As well as some of the most powerful weapons such as Nordic equipment. Although Steel Ingots aren’t the most valuable crafting material, they are instrumental in crafting. Therefore it’s good to keep an ample supply in your home or base. 

Steel Ingots for Beginners

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Steel Ingots are created by smelting iron and corundum ore together in a smelter. Steel Ingots are the only ingot that requires two different kinds of ore. Luckily for you, Skyrim has an abundance of iron ore. On the other hand, Corundum ore is a little bit harder to find.

However, the ore is more common than most ores in the game. Corundum ore veins can be identified by their brown color, with distinctive green veins webbing through rock. The ore veins are easy to spot while on your travels and can be accessed early in the game.

Corundum ore can be found early in-game outside the exit of Bleakfalls Barrow. Other ore veins can be found by walking below the mountain range towards Lake llinalta.

Picking up the Pickaxe

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To get yourself some metal ores, you will need a pickaxe to extract the crafting material from ore veins. Luckily you can get access to a pickaxe very early in the game.

After completing the “Unbound” quest, you will travel to Riverwood, head to the Riverwood Trader, or visit Alvor and browse their wares for a pickaxe. Alternatively, visit Embershard Mine if neither store has a pickaxe in stock, as you are bound to find one there. However, note that you will have to fight through the mine as bandits have taken it over. Its also a great location to acquire some iron ore which can later be used to smelt into Steel Ingots.

Where to Find Steel Ingots in Skyrim?

Whether it’s due to Skyrim being at war or the countless number of dangerous animals and monsters that inhabit Skyrim, there are Steel Ingots scattered all across the land, and you won’t have to search far and wide to fill your bags. Usually, Steel Ingots can be found around a blacksmith’s forge or house.

You can freely pick up five Steel Ingots from Alvor’s forge in Riverwood at the start of the game if you team up with Hadvar when escaping from Helgen. Alternatively, you can steal these ingots if you sided with Ralof instead. Note that items around Alvor’s forge will spawn back after thirty days.

Because Steel Ingots are a low-level crafting material, they are commonly sold by blacksmiths for a low price. Furthermore, you can purchase iron and corundum ore; however, this will be a bit more expensive as you will have to buy two different kinds of ore.

Fast traveling to major cities and towns is a great way to gather steel ingots from blacksmiths and merchants. However, if you are playing in survival mode, you will not be able to fast travel, and you will need to hire a transport cart instead. These carts are reasonably priced and will drop you off in major cities.

In my survival playthrough, I often travel to Riften as the city offers many items and stores with outstanding stock. The Scorched Hammer is a regular stop-off for me. As Balimund, the forge owner has valuable items, as well as stacks of ingots, including four steel ingots in his basement that respawn every thirty days.

Bear in mind that your character will be drained from fatigue and hunger once you arrive at your destination. So make sure to stop off at a tavern for some food and rest.

Corundum Ore Vein Mines

There are mines dotted around Skyrim that have plenty of Corundum ore veins for you to mine. Here are the best mines for corundum ore.

  • Corundum ore can be smelted into Steel ingots when mixed with iron ore. Or it can be smelted into plain corundum ingots. However, I suggest eluding this as Steel ingots are more valuable.
  • Mines take thirty in-game days to replenish mined ore. Revisiting a mine before thirty days are up will reset its respawn timer.

Knifepoint Mine

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There are nineteen corundum ore veins embedded in the rocky walls of Knifepoint Mine. However, you’re going to have to do some work before getting your paws on those precious gems and ore. Travel west from Bannermist Tower within the Falkreath hold until you come across a path leading you to Knifepoint Ridge. Once reaching the bandit camp, fight your way to the back of the camp.

There you will find the entrance to Knifepoint Mine. Bear in mind that while you can enter the mine, you will not be able to explore its interior in full as a section of the mine is blocked by a cave-in. To access this blocked-off area and those precious ore veins, you will need to start the “Boethiah’s Calling” quest.

You can activate this quest once your character has reached level thirty and has either slain a Boethiah Cultist, read the “Boethiah’s Proving,” or visited the Sacellum of Boethiah. Following the quest objectives will eventually lead you to the Knifepoint mine.

However, the mine is clear of debris this time, allowing you to delve further into its depths, where an abundant supply of corundum ore can be found.

  • Knifepoint Mine is an unmarked location, and therefore you will not be able to fast travel to it. As a result, you will have to fast travel to Knifepoint Ridge instead.
  • The “Boethiah’s Calling” book will only spawn into the world once you have reached level thirty. The book has a distinctive cover showcasing a drawing of the Sacellum of Boethiah.


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While technically a giant underground cavern, Blackreach resembles something out of the “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” novel by Jules Verne. Blackreach is a wonderous location deep underground in the depths of Skyrim, where an entire ecosystem has been built around the remnants of an old Dwarven City.

Here you will find Geode ore veins, a unique ore vein found only in Blackreach. When mined, Geode veins can drop an assortment of goodies and corundum ore. There are twenty-two Geode and fourteen corundum veins within Blackreach, so you can quickly fill your inventory full of corundum ore for crafting Steel ingots.

You can access Blackreach by starting the “Elder Knowledge” quest. However, you can access Blackreach earlier by joining the College of Winterhold and beginning the “Discerning the Transmundane quest.

Blackreach is dangerous and remote. Therefore I recommend bringing a follower with you to get extra support from the creatures that lurk there. As well as carry more corundum ore back with you.

Golden Rock Mine

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The name Goldenrock Mine suggests riches beyond imagination, a mine filled with gold ore veins and treasures. The mine is small and contains four corundum ore veins. The mine is located in Eastmarch near Darkwater Crossing, next to Skyrim’s hot springs.

Golden rock Mine is easy to access and travel to and is an active mine guarded by either Imperials or Stormcloaks, depending on what side of the civil war you joined. As a result, all ore veins will replenish after ten days. Because of this, I recommend making this mine a regular visit.

Additional corundum ores can be found at the mine entrance; however, this is owned by the mines inhabitances, and taking them will count as theft.

What Can I Do with My Steel Ingots in Skyrim?

Steel Ingots are one of the most versatile types of ingots in the game and can be used to craft many different kinds of weapons and equipment. However, to be able to craft gear with Steel Ingots, you must first unlock the “Steel Smithing” perk from the Smithing skill tree.

Allowing you to craft Steel weapons and armor and improve them twice as much. There is no level requirement to unlock this perk. You can improve enchanted steel equipment if you have the “Arcane Blacksmith,” but you will need at least level sixty in your Smithing skill. Furthermore, some armors and weapons in Skyrim only become available to craft once reaching level milestones despite activating the “Steel Smithing” perk.

Steel Ingots can be used to craft many different kinds of weapons and armors and can be used to improve unique weapons. Here is a list of significant Steel equipment that can be crafted or obtained.

Steel Weapons & Armor

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Steel weapons are widespread around Skyrim and serve as the generic weapon in Skyrim and can easily be forged with limited resources; with just a few Leather Strips, Iron Ingots, and Steel Ingots, you can make yourself a basic weapon to defend yourself.

You can often find Steel weapons on bandits and low to mid-level NPCs. You get little skill experience from crafting Steel weapons; however, if you have an abundance of materials, it’s a great way to level your Smithing skill early in the game.

Arrows can be crafted if you have the Dawnguard DLC installed; however, I recommend saving your materials as Steel arrows are very common. You can obtain many Steel arrows by looting them off slain enemies or even by picking up shot arrows.

Note that enemies will pick up arrows they find in their vicinity and shoot them infinitely at the character even when they have one arrow in their inventory. This means you can easily farm valuable arrows. Just make sure you don’t get hit by them, especially those aimed at the knee.

Steel armor is only available to craft once reaching level twenty in your Smithing skill. The set is good heavy armor for low-level characters, but its heavyweight will weigh your character down, leaving you less inventory space to fill your bags with treasure that you find on your adventures. Your character will have significantly less carry weight when playing on survival mode.

Although one of the most generic armor variations in the game, this set offers some variation in aesthetics. Including the choice of a horned or a hornless helmet, as well as two options for boots and guantlets. Therefore you get more opportunities to stylize your character for roleplaying purposes. Although there are variations in style, the armor pieces are equal in stats.

Steel Plate Armor

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Steel Plate armor has a base armor value of eighty-seven, slightly less than regular Steel armor. Crafting this armor set requires the “Advanced Armors” perk and a smithing level of fifty. Steel Plate armor is an excellent all-around heavy armor that weighs significantly less than its regular Steel armor counterpart. Upgrading this armor makes it a perfect choice for a warrior class.

Steel Plate armor is valuable and can be sold for an excellent price to merchants and blacksmiths. As a result, crafting Steel Plate armor is a great way to level up your smithing skill, as skill experience depends on the value of the crafted item. Unlike regular Steel armor, crafting Steel Plate armor requires Iron, Steel, and, Corundum ingots; therefore, I suggest saving some corundum ore.

However, Steel Plate armor is limited to one variation in its aesthetics. Interestingly evidence suggests that the Steel Plate design is thousands of years old and dates back to the Dragon War. Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, a heroine who previously fought Alduin atop of the Throat of the World, can be seen wearing the armor set when you have read the Elder Scroll. In addition, she can be seen in Sovngarde wearing the armor.

Scaled Armor

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Scaled armor requires a smithing level of fifty and is an upgraded version of studded and hide armor. This armor will grant the user a boost to stealth when sneaking around dungeons and caverns but will leave you somewhat at a disadvantage with armor rating.

Unlike heavy armor, this set of armor does not have multiple armor pieces. Furthermore, Scaled armor has an alternative variant that includes goat horns. However, this variant cannot be crafted. The armor set is often worn by bandits and is one of the more primitive armor designs.

I usually steer clear of this armor set as better armor can often be found. On the other hand, the Scaled Armor has excellent value for its weight and will fetch you a reasonable price at a store.

Dwarven Weapons & Armor

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In order to craft Dwarven equipment, you will need primarily Dwarven ingots and a Steel ingot for each armor piece. In addition, you will need to have unlocked the “Dwarven Smithing” perk, which is obtainable at level thirty Smithing.

The stocky and compact design of Dwarven armor adheres to its protection with a good defense rating. Dwarven armor is a great mid-tier heavy armor set. The helmet is closed in design. Its ornate appearance and design change depending on the gender of the wearer.

You can get a reasonable price for selling Dwarven armor to merchants and blacksmiths. Furthermore, Dwarven equipment, especially bows, are great for farming experience for leveling your Smithing skill due to their value and easily acquired ingots.

Dwarven junk and metal can be melted down and turned into Dwarven ingots, making them easy to obtain. However, it weighs a ton.

Nordic Weapons & Carved Armor

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Both Nordic weapons and Nordic Carved armor are craftable once obtaining smithing level fifty as well as the “Advanced Armors” perk. Nordic weapons deal good damage and make an excellent choice for mid-tier characters. Their biggest strength by far is their low weight. Nordic Carved armor rates slightly lower than Orcish armor but is a little lighter.

This is possible from the use of Quicksilver ingots. Crafting material is usually used when forging Elven weapons and armor, highly praised for its low weight. In my opinion, Nordic weapons are some of the best-looking equipment in the game. The armor is ornate in design, and the weapons are sleek. Crafting a complete set of Nordic armor requires:

  • 21 x Steel Ingots.
  • 5 x Quicksilver Ingots.
  • 4 x Ebony Ingots.
  • 10 x Leather Strips.

Note that you will need the Dragonborn DLC installed to gain access to the Nordic weapons and armor equipment. However, you can find Nordic gear as loot outside of Solstheim.

Eorlund Greymane and the Skyforge

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If you heavily incorporate Smithing and melee fighting styles in your gameplay, then I consider joining the Companions, as this faction has many great benefits for warrior characters. Not only will members of the faction be able to train you in many warrior skills, but you will also get access to Eorlund Greymane’s master smithing ability.

You can get access to some awesome-looking weapons and armor types that Eorlund can only craft at the Skyforge. However, Eorlund won’t just create his best work for any old dungeon delver, even if you are the Dragonborn.

Here is a list of unique equipment that can be acquired by Eorlund Greymane or crafted at the Skyforge in Whiterun:

Skyforge Steel Weapons

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Celebrated as some of the best weapons in all of Skyrim, blacksmiths revere Eorlund Greymane for his master craftsmanship. You cannot craft Skyforge Steel, and it can only be purchased off Eorlund Greymane. However, if you have the “Steel Smithing” perk, you can improve Skyforge Steel weapons using the Grindstone found at most forges. I recommend using Skyforge Steel.

Although aesthetically identical to Steel Weapons, don’t let that fool you. The steel cuts twice as deep, and the blade rings twice as loud when drawn from its scabbard. Skyforge Steel can be accessed early in-game by completing the second Companions quest, “Providing Honor.” As a result, Skyforge Steel weapons are very powerful due to their high damage and availability.

Nord Hero Weapons

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Nord Hero Weapons are unique weapons that can only be created at the Skyforge after completing the final Companions quest, “Glory of the Dead.” These weapons are crafted by combining Ancient Nord weapons with Steel Ingots and Leather Strips. Nord Hero weapons are almost identical to Ancient Nord weapons but remove the wear and tear of age and use.

Nord Hero weapons have high damage on tier with Skyforge Steel and can be improved if you have the “Steel Smithing” perk. Although these weapons provide good damage-making decent weapons, they offer little more than an aesthetic difference, and you will have access to much better equipment by the time you have completed the “Glory of the Dead” quest. However, these weapons are great for roleplay and can be used to stylize your character uniquely.

Ancient Nordic Armor

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It is possible to craft Ancient Nordic Armor that can be seen worn by the Draugr that infest dungeons and other dark and dingey corners of Skyrim. However, like Nord Hero weapons, you must complete the “Glory of the Dead” quest before you can forge this armor at the Skyforge.

Note that the “Daedric Smithing” perk is also required to create this armor set. Meaning you’ll have to level your Smithing skill to 90! You’ll need a total of 15 Steel Ingots and other crafting materials to create this set. However, I would refrain from creating this set as Daedric armor is double the value in armor stats than Ancient Nordic Armor. However, the Ancient Nordic Armor set is great for styling your character for roleplay.


Question: How many Dragon Shouts are there in Skyrim?

Answer: There are a total of twenty dragon shouts in the base game and an additional three added in the Dawnguard DLC as well as four new shouts in the Dragonborn DLC. Each dragon shout has three phases that can be unlocked by killing dragons and consuming there souls.

Question: Who is the Daedric Prince of Boethiah?

Answer: Boethiah is the violent Daedric prince of deciet, he is known to enjoy the suffering of mortals. Boethiah has quite a following in Skyrim. Cultists and worshipers of Boethiah are often made to fight each other to the death, to reveal a new champion of Boethiah. The Dunmer (Dark Elves) believe that Boethiah is their god ancestor, as a result the Dunmer worship him more than any other race in Tamriel. Explaining why the cult priestess you meet at Sacellum of Boethiah is a Dark Elf.

Question: How do I spawn the Dragon in Blackreach?

Answer: While exploring Blackreach you may have noticed a big glowing gold sphere hanging above, resembling a sun. Unleashing the Unrelenting Force shout on the sphere will spawn an ancient dragon called Vulthuryol. This is a tough battle as Vulthuryol spawns at level fifty and is capable of firing both frost and fire breath at you.

Steel Ingot Skyrim Guide: Conclusion

In conclusion, Steel ingots are one of the most common ingots found in the game and one of the most helpful crafting materials for Smithing all kinds of weapons and armor sets varying from low to high tier.

Focus on visiting the locations mentioned in this guide to acquire many materials to smelt steel ingots. Furthermore, visit blacksmiths every two days for their stock to replenish. Because corundum and iron ore are so cheap, you will be able to quickly acquire enough ingots to craft your dream armor.

While Blackreach and Knifepoint Mine are in abundance of corundum ore. If you have a low-level character, you will struggle to get through these areas and are playing on expert difficulty and above. Therefore I suggest you bring a strong follower to these areas or level your character before attempting them.

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